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Microcare 3% CS Controlled Release Pyrethrin
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A professional Pyrethrum SmartCap insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including landscaping plants & shrubs.

Orvego Fungicide
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A professional fungicide that provides control of ornamental downy mildews and Phytopthora species for commercial ornamental plants.

Empress Intrinsic Brand Fungicide
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A professional fungicide that is designed for drench applications for protection of diseases on four root and crown pathogens for greenhouse and nursery growers.

Prescription Treatment 388B Advance Ant Gel Bait Formula 1
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An easy-to-use gel bait that is specially formulated to work as effectively as liquid bait.

Prescription Treatment System III Gun Body (45091695)
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A replacement part that you can use with your Prescription Treatment System III applicator.