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Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide
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Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide is for the prevention of subterranean termites

Banol Fungicide
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A professional fungicide and Pythium control golf courses, sod farms and ornamental plants in greenhouses and nurseries.

Prograss EC Herbicide
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A professional selective pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide that controls Poa annua in cool-season grasses, over-seeded bermudagrass, annual grasses and broad-leaf weeds.

Premise Pro Insecticide
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Premise Pro Insecticide provides superior protection for pre construction treatment against subterranean termites

DeltaGard Insecticide
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A professional insecticide for flies and mosquitoes for poultry and livestock facilities and the animals.

Advantage II For Cats
Multiple sizes available
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A once-a-month topical flea prevention and treatment for cats.

Bayer 26 GT Fungicide
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An professional fungicide that controls the major diseases on commercial turf-grass for golf courses and sod farms.

Advantage II For Dogs
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A once-a-month topical flea and lice prevention and treatment for dogs.

K9 Advantix II For Dogs
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Multiple sizes available
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A once-a-month topical application for dogs and puppies that repels and kills ticks, lice, fleas, and mosquitoes.