Bed Bug Detection Travel Kit


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Bed Bug Detection Travel Kit travel kit(s)

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Bed Bug Detection Travel Kit

The Bed Bug Detection Kit comes with everything you need to help insepct and protect you from bed bugs while traveling.  The kit comes in a convenient and easy to carry small tote bag.  Inside is a LED flashlight to help inspect for bed bugs and their dark fecal spots on the mattress.  In addition, the kit includes a BB Stop Pitfall trap with a heating pad that will help lure bed bugs and trap them (once inside the trap the bed bugs cannot escape).  You will be able to inspect the trap easily in the morning or as often as you would like to see if there has been anything caught.  We have also included a twin pack (2 x 2 oz. travel size bottles) of Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray to help treat and prevent bed bugs on mattresses, box springs, headboards, and luggage when traveling.

Bed Bug Detection Travel Kit is made up of these products:

Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray 1 x Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray
Convenient all-natural bed bug spray that's perfect for spraying luggage and belongings while traveling. 2 oz. size goes through airport security.

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BioTrap Science Bed Bug Detection Kit 1 x BioTrap Science Bed Bug Detection Kit
Bed bug travel and detection kit in a convenient tote bag.


Cost of separate parts: $37.90

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Target pests: Bed Bugs
Pet safe: Yes
Parts Included: 1 x LED Flashlight 1 x BB Stop Pitfall Trap 1 x Heating Pad 1 x Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray - twin pack (2 x 2 oz. travel size bottles)
Manufactured By: BioTrap Science

Instructions for use:

1. Using the flashlight, inspect the bed and surrounding areas looking for black fecal spots and apple seed shaped bed bugs (see figure 1 and figure 2 below).  You should completely inspect the mattress, box spring, headboard, night stand, and bed skirting.

2. Place the BB Stop Pitfall Trap on the floor next to the bed and the wall.

3.  Remove the heating pad from its packaging and place it in the middle of the BB Stop trap (see figure 3 below). 

4. Apply Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray spray to the mattress, box spring, and headboard areas.  You can also apply to your luggage while it is in the room.  You should keep your luggage and clothing off of the floor.

5.  Leave the BB Stop trap unobstructed and undisturbed with the lights turned off and the shades pulled shut (so the room is dark) while you are sleeping or when you leave the room.

Side view of BB Stop Bed Bug climbup trap:

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07/17/2013 Sharron from Richmond, Va

QIs the heating pad in the Bed Bug Detection Travel Kit reusable?

AThe heating pads in the the Bed Bug Detection Kit are not reusable. Once the heat pad is removed from its packaging it should be used.

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