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Bengal Roach Spray

Bengal Roach Spray is a permethrin based product that uses a unique dry spray to get into deep crevices and cracks to control roaches where they live. Simply place the extension tube that comes with the can into the top of the can and press the spray button. Use Bengal Roach Spray in cracks and crevices; behind baseboards and sinks; under and behind sinks, cabinets, stoves, and refrigerators; around doors and windows; in crawl spaces and attics. Bengal Roach Spray can be reapplied every four weeks if needed.

This is not a professional grade product. Please review our Roach Control page to learn more about controlling roaches and protecting your home with professional grade products.

Active Ingredient: Sumithrin (d-Phenothrin) - 2.0%
Target pests: Roaches
For use in: Residential dwellings
Application: Best at 4 week intervals for complete control
Pet safe: Yes, when used as directed.
Special Features: Flushes bugs out of their hiding places to die making for easy cleanup.
Manufactured By: Bengal Products (UPC: 084865924657)

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This is not a professional grade product. Please review our Roach Control page to learn more about controlling roaches and protecting your home with professional grade products.

I sprayed it on a roach, why didn't it kill the bug instantly?

Bengal Roach Spray provides is designed for total kill and not quick knockdown. Bengal Roach Spray is designed to irritate roaches before killing, which causes them to run out of their hiding places to die on surfaces where they can be picked up and disposed. Roaches that come into contact with Bengal Roach Spray will die in a few minutes to an hour.

Why did the roaches come back?

Bengal Roach Spray does not leave a lingering residue; it degrades over a few days or weeks and is no longer available to kill roaches. If your neighbors have roaches or they are brought back in to your house in boxes, sacks, old clothing or other infested materials, re-application will be necessary.

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    5 of 5 stars  Bengal roach spray
    By Louise in Richmond,Va. on 05/07/2014

    This spray is all you need to wipe out an infestation.Ive used this product on and off for 30 years and am always satisfied immensely.

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    5 of 5 stars  Bengal Spray
    By Regena in Memphis on 06/15/2014
    Verified Purchase

    This is by far the BEST roach spray ever.I moved into an apartment where roaches ran rampant.It took just 2 sprays around the rooms and haven't seen a roach for weeks.

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11/25/2013 Betty from Lake Park Ga

QWhy do you say Bengal Roach Spray will kill roaches? Mine must be wearing suits of armor.
I used Bengal Roach Bombs and the Bengal Roach Spray. I still have roaches. I do not have a bug infestation just enough to drive me nuts and I want them gone before they do get really bad.

ABengal Roach Spray is labeled for roaches but is not a professional grade product. It will flush them out of their hiding places. The roaches that do not come in contact with the treated areas will not be eradicated.The first thing you should know is that bombs are highly ineffective when trying to control roaches of any species. Bombs will only kill while they are going off (they leave no residual behind) and contrary to popular belief, they do not penetrate into walls or inside cabinets or under furniture, so it will only kill the roaches that come out while the bomb is dispersing. If you are looking to accurately, quickly, and completely eliminate the roaches in your home you will want to follow the steps outlined in our article How To Get Rid of Roaches, and use either of our Roach Control Kits accordingly. The products in our kits are professional grade items (just like the pros that come out use) and are put together to help you save money and get the results you are looking for the fastest. Roach problems do not develop over night and will not go away overnight, so patience and time will be needed for the products to do their job and get to the center of the colony you don't see. If you have any other questions after looking at our article and the roach kits, feel free to contact us anytime.

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