B&G Stud #2678 Part for sub-slab injection


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B&G Stud #2678 Part for sub-slab injection stud #2678 $28.34
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B&G Stud #2678 Part for sub-slab injection

B&G Stud #2678 Part for sub-slab injection

B&G Stud #2678 Part for sub-slab injection

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03/25/2017 Josh from St.george, Ut

QIs the washer included in the B&G Stud #2678 Part for sub-slab injection?
On the end of this piece, there should be a white washer or similar to to a washer that is embedded inside. I ordered one prior and it did not include this very important piece. This washer basically stops the flow of liquid until the trigger is pulled, without it, water or chemical will continue to flow regardless of the trigger status.


According to the manufacturer, the washer that you are referring to is not on the B&G Stud #2678 Part for sub-slab injection. That washer is in the valve iteself inside of the handle. If you should have any other questions please feel free to contact Claude Thomas with B&G to troubleshoot with you (904) 545-7125.

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