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Bird BarrierBird Barrier

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Bird Barrier Flex Track Lead Out Wire Grey
Multiple sizes available
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Flex-Track lead wire that is simple to cut, strip and crimp.

Bird Barrier Gray Bird-Shock Flex-Track 50 ft. (bs-fg50)
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A revolutionary and low profile way of keeping away a variety of birds from your building, signs, house and more.

Bird Barrier Pigeon Trap with Shade, Water and Feeder - Large (tt-sw20)
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A galvanized welded wire pigeon trap designed to effectively capture live birds without hurting them.

Bird Barrier Super Bond Adhesive 50 ml. (ha-bs01)
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An ultimate adhesive that secures your products at surfaces and incredibly resists separation.

Bird Barrier Timer for Zon Gun Bird Deterrent (sd-zn25)
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An essential tool necessary for Zon Scare Gun bird deterrent.

Bird Barrier Wind Powered Eagle Eye Hat (ee-17)
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An effective bird deterrent that is powered by the wind and spins on its own without using electricity. The reflective pyramid rotates and it sends beams that causes light spectrum to distract birds and limit their vision.

Flex - Track Training Kit
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Complete flex-track training kit that is best used for training on installing flex-track for the first time.

Flex Track Corner Connectors (10 pack) - bs-q07
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The Flex Track Corner Connectors saves you from being forced to cut precise 45-degree angles.

Flex Track Straight Connectors (20 pack) - bs-q06
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Flex Track Straight Connectors can be attached to the Flex Track at virtually any point that connection is needed.

Flex-Track Tool Kit
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Complete flex-track tool kit for installing Flex-Track bird control products.

OvoControl Rechargeable Battery (ov-pg15)
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A rechargeable battery that you can use for your OvoControl feeder to prevent pigeon and other pest bird from hatching eggs.

OvoControl Solar Panel (ov-pg20)
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A solar panel that lets you use your OvoControl feeder without electricity because it is powered by the sun. OvoControl prevents pigeon and other pest bird from hatching eggs.

Pest Barrier Snap Trap Magnetic Base - 2 Pack
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Magnetic bases which helps you secure a rat snap-trap to any metal surface using 2 powerful magnets.

Quick View Repeating Sparrow Trap
Repeating Sparrow Trap
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Divided sparrow trap with two top access doors.

StealthNet Tool Kit
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Complete StealthNet tool kit that is ideal to use for many locations.

Tool and Hardware Starter Kit
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Includes a comprehensive collection of tools, hardware, products, fasteners and adhesives to help you get started in the bird control business.