Bird Bath Accessories

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Heritage Farms Wooden Perch for Bird Houses (750021)
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This wooden and durable perch can fit any feeder you have and almost all Heritage Farm Units.

In The Breeze Black Battery Operated Motor 35 RPM (ITB10025)
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Hang your favorite spinner, spiral or others and see your garden, house or backyard come to life.

Magnet Works Ltd MatMate Hanger (D1053)
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Hanger that is made with durable and good material.

Songbird Essentials Chow Time Birdie Bell (SE6016)
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Invites a variety of your feathered friends to dine in your feeding station.

Songbird Essentials Metal Portal Protector 1.5 in. (SE617)
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A metal portal protector that will fit bluebird houses with 1 1/2 inch entrance openings.

Arundale Sky Cafe Divider (AR363)
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Arundale Sky Cafe Divider is an innovative divider that is shaped to fit the unique design of the Sky Cafe tray and you can slip it into your feeder to convert it into four compartments.

Best - 1 Replacement Bottom (BESTRB)
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Best-1 Replacement Bottom is a replacement bottom that will fit all Best-1 bottle style hummingbird feeders.

Care Free Enzymes Bird Feeder Cleaner (94723)
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Care Free Enzymes Birdfeeder Cleaner is a highly effective 33.9oz cleaner that will help you maintain your bird feeder, keeping it clean to provide your feathered friends a healthy environment.

Care Free Enzymes Bird House Cleaner 16 oz. (94724)
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Care Free Enzymes Birdhouse Cleaner 16 oz is a highly effective 16oz bird house cleaner designed to clean and remove dirt on your bird house.

Care free Enzymes Bluebird House Protector 16 oz. (98554)
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This product will make sure your bluebird house is free from parasites, spiders, bugs, bird droppings, and organic contaminants to provide a clean and healthy environment for your birds.

Droll Yankees Cardinal Perch Ring (CPR)
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Droll Yankees Cardinal Perch Ring is used to convert straight perches into platform perches to attract a great variety of birds.

Ecological Laboratories Bird Bath Clear
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Made with all natural ingredients, prevents crusty white scale deposits and hard water stains.

Heritage Farms Brite Zinc Hanger Bracket Assembly (750091)
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A replacement hanger bracket for most Heritage Farms feeder.

Songbird Essentials Best Long Brush 24 in. (SE603)
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A 24 inches brush that will help clean your bird feeders.

Songbird Essentials Bird Bath Protector 4 oz. (SE7030)
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An all-natural formula intended to create fresh and clean water in your bird baths.

Songbird Essentials Metal Portal Protector 1 1/8 in. (SE615)
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A metal portal protector that will fit bluebird houses with 1 1/8 inch entrance openings.

Songbird Essentials Purple Replacement Blossoms for Dr. JB Hummingbird Feeders (pack of 5) (SE6003)
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A lovely purple colored replacement flowers for your 16-ounce Dr. JB hummingbird feeder's port.

Window Alert UV LED Key Chain Decal Tester
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Used to test the quality of the UV coating on your decals.

Woodstream Hummingbird Feeder Glass Bottle Replacement 8 oz. (WS184150R)
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A replacement glass bottle with 8-ounce capacity. It fits Perky-pet models 203C and 203CP hummingbird feeders.

ACHLA Designs Bird Bath Cradle (BBC-01)
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ACHLA Designs Bird Bath Cradle is made from wrought iron with a powder-coat finish (black) which is designed to hold Achla crackled glass birdbaths.

Allied Precision ClickShield Cord Lock Black (28CSK)
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Allied Precision ClickShield Cord Lock Black assures you durability and an inexpensive way to weather-proof any power cord.

Arundale Pole Mount Kit (AR365)
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Arundale Pole Mount Kit is a convenient kit that will help you pole mount and it will fit 1 OD poles (sold separately).

Aspects Suction Cup (022)
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Aspects Suction Cup is a replacement suction cup that will work with any Aspects window feeder.


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