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Songbird Essentials Wood Duck House (SESC1036C)
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A duck house that you can mount on water front or on land.



Providing shelter for your feathered bird friends will ensure you always have your favorite birds around. Bird houses are an easy way to do this, and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most important thing to keep in mind when setting up a bird house is to make sure it fits the type of bird you want around your yard. Make sure you’re getting the appropriate size, the correct entrance hole size, and height off the ground. All of the bird houses we sell are built to the proper dimensions for Birding. Wild bird houses are best when they’re wooden, unfinished or painted in muted earth tones.  Highly decorated or brightly colored bird houses for sale are best used for decoration, as birds will likely avoid nesting in them.

We carry the best backyard bird house to fit your needs. If you need one that hangs or one on a pole, or specifically sized for your favorite birds, we have it here. We even have bird house kits that are fun to build! Be sure to pick up all your birdhouse accessories and supplies here, all with free shipping.

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