Bird Scare Devices

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Make Em Move Tweetzilla
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Make Em Move's most versatile machine with a light haze and silent operation for indoors and outdoors

Make Em Move Flock Reflector
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Spins in sunlight and wind to create flashing lights during daylight hours - effective deterrent for birds in gardens, buildings, docks, and boats

Bird Barrier Eagle Eye Flash Flag Red Bird Visual Deterrent (4 pack)
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A science-based solution to the complex issues of bird damage.

Bird Barrier Screech Owl Bird Deterrent (sd-owl1)
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Programmed with four predator or scare audio that effectively keeps away pest birds.

Bird Barrier Eagle Eye Flash Flag Silver Visual Bird Deterrent (4 pack)
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A science-based solution to the complex issues of bird damage.

Bird Barrier Eagle Eye Shield with Bracket (ee-10)
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This can be attached to the Eagle Eye support tube that works as a shield to keep the flashing away from a specific place or spot.

Away With Geese Water Based Unit (AWG-WATER-002)
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An effective tool to keep unwanted geese from your ponds, lakes and retention areas.

Bird Barrier Timer for Zon Gun Bird Deterrent (sd-zn25)
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An essential tool necessary for Zon Scare Gun bird deterrent.

Bird Barrier Wind Powered Eagle Eye Hat (ee-17)
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An effective bird deterrent that is powered by the wind and spins on its own without using electricity. The reflective pyramid rotates and it sends beams that causes light spectrum to distract birds and limit their vision.

Bird Barrier Yellow Bird Scare Eye Balloon (sd-se10)
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An effective visual bird deterrent that imitates a large predators movement to block away nuisance birds from your premises.


Bird scare devices are a popular choice when trying to rid your property of nuisance birds. Using bird scare devices takes persistence, but they can be a valuable addition to your bird control tools. We have a wide variety of frightening devices, including visual and audio products, which will help you get rid of nuisance birds.

About Bird Scare Devices

Bird scare devices are items that can startle or frighten birds and cause the birds to roost elsewhere. There are several types of bird scare devices, including holographic strips, reflectors, scare-eye balloons or flags, birds of prey decoys, sound machines, and more. Certain items may work better for certain birds, and you will probably have to rotate devices often to keep them working against unwanted birds.

How To Use Bird Scare Devices

Bird scare devices can be tricky, because birds can get accustomed to the scare devices quickly. Rotating items and moving them around can help, as well as proper timing. Here are some tips to help you use bird scare devices most effectively.

  • Bird scare devices with eyespots or faces should be facing the area you want to control.
  • Visual scare devices should be moved frequently, especially when you first introduce the devices to your property, so the birds do not get used to them.
  • Birds can be tough to scare or startle once they are already perched in the safety of their familiar roosts. Audio devices can be played between sunset and dark, and again at sunrise, to frighten birds away while they are on their way to or from their roosts.
  • When using an audio scare device, rotate the location of the device often, every two or three days. This will keep the birds guessing where the sound is coming from and not let them become comfortable with the sound.
  • Using audio and visual deterrents together will increase the effectiveness of your efforts. Use a variety of sounds, colors, shapes, and effects to keep your frightening techniques fresh.

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