Bird Seed Cakes & Plugs

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Coles Wild Bird Products Nutberry Suet Blend 40 lb.
Out of Stock
A unique mix of premium fruits insect suet kibbles and preferred nuts that birds will surely love.

Pine Tree Farms Nutsie Seed Log 40 oz. (8003)
Out of Stock
Go crazy for bird feeding using Nutsie Seed Log!

Birdola Products Large Bird Seed Cake Feeder with Perches (54327)
Out of Stock
Birdola Products Large Cake Feeder with Perches is a basic wired feeder that is designed to fit any Birdola's large bird and squirrel cakes.

C&S Products High Energy Suet - 56 oz. (598)
Out of Stock
C&S Products High Energy (56 oz) is a large high-energy premium suet with 56 oz capacity and that is bigger than a regular suet cake.

C&S Products Insect Delight No-Melt Suet Dough (13.5 oz.) (533)
Out of Stock
C&S Products Insect Dough (13.5 oz) is a 13.5 oz premium no-melt suet with a soft dough texture that is loaded with the best ingredients and added dehydrated insects.

C&S Products Sunflower Treat Suet (563)
Out of Stock
C&S Products Sunflower Treat is an 11 oz high-energy premium suet that's loaded with the best ingredients and added sunflower hearts.

Pine Tree Farms Black Oil Sunflower Seed Bell Bird Food 11 oz. (1310)
Out of Stock
Contains gelatin and black oil sunflower seed that birds love!

Pine Tree Farms Finch Seed Bell Bird Food 18 oz. (1305)
Out of Stock
A nutritious treat for your birds.


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