Bird Seed Feeders

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Songbird Essentials Small Hanging Platform Bird Feeder (SERUBSHPF100HD)
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Perfect for all types of birds with powder coated steel screen.

Songbird Essentials Tube Bird Feeder with Seed Tray 4 qt. (SERUBTF105)
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A nature-friendly bird feeder that can hold 4 quarts of seed.

Artline Gazebo Bird Feeder (6240)
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This bird feeder is an adorable gazebo inspired tube style feeder and has four feeding stations with metal perches and swing-away cap for easy filling.

Aspects Seed Tube Antique Brass Quick Clean Base Bird Seed Feeder Large (396)
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This tube quick clean bird feeder is an excellent antique brass finished large feeder with six feeding stations and a 1 3/4 quart capacity to provide generous amount of food.

Classic Brands Radiant Seed Feeder
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Elegant- looking feeder with adjustable perches and feeding stations.

Perky Pet Copper Garden Bird Seed Feeder 11.5 in (550)
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Will definitely blend on your garden with its decorative garden icon design.

Perky Pet Squirrel Stumper Bird Feeder 13 in. (114)
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Made of metal, this cage will definitely protect your bird feeder from squirrels.

Songbird Essentials Fly Through Bird Feeder (SERUBFTF400)
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Perfect for any outdoor setting and can be kept as part of your collection or be given as a gift for friends and family.

Songbird Essentials Plantation with 2 Suet Baskets Bird Feeder (SESC2003C)
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A large capacity plantation styled feeder with 2 suet baskets.

Woodlink Audubon Copper Carriage Lantern Bird Feeder 1.5 lbs. (NA11193)
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A classic take on having a carriage lantern type of bird feeder on any garden or backyard.

Artline Prairie Style Bird Feeder (6234)
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This bird feeder is a contemporary, square style bird feeder with a large roof overhang that holds approximately 5 lbs of seed to provide your feathered friends just the right amount of food.

Classic Brands Squirrel-Proof X-2 Bird Seed Feeder
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A bird seed feeder that is a stylish in a burnt penny finish that is specifically designed to prevent squirrels from eating your bird seeds.

Droll Yankees Elite Classic Songbird / Mixed Bird Seed Feeder (EL)
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Droll Yankees Elite Classic Songbird/Mixed Seed Feeder is an ultimate feeder that stands 4-feet tall that has an enormous 6.4-pound capacity and 12 feeding stations and perches.

Droll Yankees Sunflower Bird Seed Feeder Green (CJM8G)
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A great addition to any garden and backyard, perfect for long lasting use and keeps it damage free from squirrels.

Harris Farms 15 lb. Metal Hanging Feeder
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A free range heavy-duty galvanized hanging feeder with a high capacity for chickens and game birds.

Hiatt Manufacturing Little - Bit Feeders - Sunflower Bird Feeder 8.4 in. (38195)
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Designed to hold sunflower seeds and mixed seeds so you can feed more birds on your garden or backyard.

Hiatt Manufacturing Sunflower Seed Screen Bird Feeder (38170)
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This is a well made feeder that attracts a variety of birds.

Homestead Electric Blue Monarch Bird Feeder 5.5 lb. (4462)
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An electric blue feeder with lovely monarch butterfly design.

Homestead Hummingbird Design Bird Feeder 5.5 lbs. (4622)
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A red bird feeder with a lovely hummingbird design.

Homestead Super Stop - A - Squirrel Bird Feeder 11 lbs. (3201S)
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This 11-pound capacity bird feeder guarantees to prevent squirrels from eating the bird seed.

Pine Tree Farms Classic Log Bird Feeder 2 lbs. (8007)
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A classic log seed feeder for all your favorite wild birds.

Songbird Essentials Fly Through Barn Bird Feeder (SE555)
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Made of red cedar wood so you can be sure that this will last a long time.


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