Bonide Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules


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Bonide Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules bag (10 lbs)

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Bonide Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules

Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules is a long lasting and fast acting insect control for homes and lawns. It will last for around 4 weeks. It will treat fleas, ticks, crickets, ants, fire ants, spiders, silverfish, sow bugs, chinch bugs, sod webworm, armyworms, millipedes, leaf hoppers, clover mites, and some grubs. Covers 5,000 sq feet with one bag.

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08/27/2013 Joe from Parker, Az

QI water my lawn every day, will this be a problem while using Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules?

AThe product label for the Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules does state for you to water in lightly or thoroughly after application depending on what you are treating for and to repeat the application as necessary.  Watering the lawn every day may decrease the effectiveness of the product and also cause run off so if possible try to avoid watering for a few days after application to ensure the product has time to work

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09/22/2014 Ron from Templeton Pa

QWill Bonide Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules help with flies?
We are located next to a horse farm and we are infested with flies and other pest. What can we do?

AUnfortunately, the Bonide Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules is not labeled for fly control but it would work well on other pest that you may have issues with on your property. However, for superior fly control we recommend the Flies-be-Gone fly trap. This trap is one of the most effective non-toxic fly traps available. Each trap is effective for up to four to six weeks and catches thousands of flies over an area of 50 to 100 yards. Flies-be-Gone traps contain are all-natural, maintenance free and completely disposable. Nothing to clean up and it can be used for home or commercial use. 

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08/20/2013 Rhea from Arlington, Virginia

QIs this safe to use in the yard where cats, dogs and people go? Is it safe around a garden?
Does it actually work on ticks?

ABonide Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules are safe for people and pets when used as directed in accordance to the label instructions. The label states that the product must be applied and settled prior to entering the treated area. We do not recommend applying around a garden as it recommended for lawn treatment. Yes, it will aid in treatment of ticks.

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