Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU

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Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU quart (32 oz)

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Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU - Gallon gallon (128 oz) $18.51
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Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU - CASE (4 gallons)Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU - CASE (4 gallons) case (4 gallons)

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Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU - CASE (12 quarts)Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU - CASE (12 quarts) case (12 quarts)

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Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU

This is not a professional grade product. Please review our Flea Control and Roach Control pages to learn more about controlling fleas and roaches with professional grade products.

Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU uses permethrin to kill fleas, and other listed pests on contact, while the insect growth regulator, Nylar IGR, disrupts the life cycle of flea eggs and larvae preventing them from maturing into biting adults and breeding future generations. You can use Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU inside the home wherever fleas are a problem including upholstered furniture, pet bedding, carpet, drapes, and floor cracks (see label for complete details). Just one treatment of Bonide Flea & Roach Spray RTU will provide control of fleas for up to 210 days. The formulation is water-based so it does not leave a sticky residue and will not stain carpet or upholstery. Fresh scent.

The gallon size comes with a spray trigger.

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09/01/2014 Katleyn from Russellville Ky

QHow long after spraying can you enter the room? Is it safe for babies to crawl on carpet after it is sprayed
I am interested in buying Bonide Flea and Roach spray. I am just wanting to know how safe it is for babies and pregnant moms. We have a really bad case of fleas in home and I've tried flea bombs, sprays and powers that the local stores sell that are not working. I have a 14month old and I'm pregnant. I need something that is safe for us. How long after spraying furniture/carpet is it safe to re-enter rooms?

ABonide Flea and Roach Spray RTU is safe once it is dry. It normally dries within 2-3 hours, depending upon on heavy the items were sprayed. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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