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Bonide Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer RTU
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A selective post-emergent herbicide that kills broad-leaf weeds with Triclopyr, MCPA, and Dicamba in cool-season grasses.

Bonide Annual Grub Beater
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Year long protection from grubs

Bonide Stink Bug Trap
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Dual action pheromone lure in its controlled release dispenser lasts 4 weeks and attracts/traps both Brown Marmorated and Green Stink Bugs up to 50 feet away.

Revenge Press & Set Mouse Traps
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Simple and effective trap.

Annual Tree & Shrub Insect Control Concentrate
4.5 out of 5 stars (6)
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An insecticide that kills aphids, leafminers and other insects in one application and prevents new infestations for an entire year.

Bonide Hot Pepper Wax Animal Repellent RTU
3 out of 5 stars (3)
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A hot-pepper animal repellent that repels deer, rabbits and squirrels.

Repels-All RTU
1.5 out of 5 stars (5)
Free Shipping!
A ready-to-use animal repellent made from all-natural ingredients but repulsive to vermin and other undesirable pests.

Bonide Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules
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A granular insecticide for long lasting and fast acting insect control for lawns and around homes.

Bonide Malathion 50E Concentrate
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An insecticide that kills on contact a variety of insects on vegetable gardens, citrus trees, ornamental plants and shrubs.

Bonide Mouse Magic
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A natural mouse repellent that makes the mice disappear with all natural oils for the repellent.

Bonide Triple Super Phosphate 0-45-0
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Provides a readily available form of phosphorous. Stimulates root development and larger blooms. Use on flowers, fruits, vegetables.

Bonide Total Release Flea Fogger - 3 pack
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An aerosol insecticide fogger that kills all the stages of fleas and ants, roaches and ticks and a residual control for 7 months.

Bonide Citrus, Fruit and Nut Orchard Spray Concentrate
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A natural fungicide and insecticide for fruits, nuts, citrus, vegetables, ornamentals, houseplants and lawns.

Bonide Mosquito Beater Yard Fog
Free Shipping!
An aerosol insecticide fogger that provides fast knock down and kill with a residual control for indoors and outdoors.

Bonide Household Room Fogger
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An aerosol insecticide that is water based and a total release for many insects in homes, hospitals and hotels.

Bailey Nurseries Color Me Blue
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Bailey Nurseries and Bonide have teamed up to bring you an all natural way to acidify the soil to turn Hydrangeas blue.

Bonide Neem Oil - RTU
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A natural Neem oil fungicide, miticide and insecticide concentrate for organic gardening.

Bonide Eight Flower & Vegetable Soil Insect Granules
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A granular insecticide that kills surface and soil grubs and fire ants in the lawn and garden.

Revenge JUMBO Fly Catchers
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The Big fly catcher ribbon

Bonide Copper Fungicide
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All-natural and organic protection from diseases on vegetables, flowers and shad trees.

Revenge Glue Traps for Mice
Free Shipping!
Glue Boards for Mice

Revenge Liquid Ant Bait with Refillable Stations
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An insecticide that attracts and kills sweet and grease eating ants with refillable bait stations.

Bonide Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer
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An aerosol insecticide that kills carpenter ants and termites and other insects for indoor residential areas.

Bonide MoleMax RTS
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An all natural and quick and easy ready-to-use spray repellent to get into burrows and tunnels of moles, voles, gophers and others.