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    5 of 5 Stars   This is Amazing...the best product out there!!!
    By Laura on 06/03/2014

    I am a professional horticulturist, and I also maintain as close to an "organic" garden as I can. This is THE ONLY product that I use in my garden and in my work. Since it is a systemic, the plant's roots suck it up and it doesn't get sprayed all over the place like powders, oils, sprays and dusts. I only treat the affected plant and it's close neighbors. Also, it controls insects, fungal infections and bacterial problems as well. Some versions of it feed the plants too. As with any pest control, FOLLOW THE LABEL! The only time this did anything negative was when I accidentally poured it ON TOP of a just-planted Balloon Flower (it was burnt to a crisp the next day.) I will never use anything else. This product is amazing and I only need to use it once in late May and once in mid August on my rose bush.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)