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Monterey Bug Buster II

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    3 of 5 Stars   TOO EARLY FOR ANY REVIEW
    By Terry on 04/26/2015
    Verified Purchase

    I can't give a review on the product BUG BUSTER 11 yet. it will be a few weeks before I use it. my gourds are still indoors ready to plant this week. our nights have been from the 20s for lows and highs in the 50s. can't wait to give it a try. nothing else worked last year on vine borers and squash bug, amongst other nasty beetles. never got a pumpkin to not rot. even my only 400# pumpkin was rotting the day we try to harvest it. if this product works I will be using it for years to come. since I can't mail this review without a rating, i'll give you a 3 till I've given it a chance to work.

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Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)