Chapin Sprayer Parts

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Chapin Nozzle Fan Tips with Retainer (6-4631)
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A replacement nozzle and retainer pack that is compatible with lawn, garden, and industrial sprayers.

Chapin Nylon Reinforced Hose w/Clamps 48 in. (6-6141)
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A replacement hose with clamps for a variety of industrial sprayers.

Chapin Replacement Elbow (6-8099)
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A high quality replacement elbow for Chapin Sprayers, readily available for purchase.

Chapin Replacement Gasket O-Ring (6-8102)
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A replacement gasket O-ring that for use with your Chapin sprayers to help secure the lid to prevent leaks.

Chapin Replacement Pump Piston Assembly for Backpack Sprayers (6-8179)
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A backpack pump assembly that is made from poly materials for long lasting efficiency.

Chapin Shut Off Valve with Gauge (Part # 302030)
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Chapin Shut Off Valve with Gauge (Part # 302030)

Chapin Xtreme Conversion Kit - Hose and Seals (6-5378)
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A general conversion kit for any type of Chapin Sprayers.

Chapin 6-8168 Piston Lever Kit For 61800 Backpack (#6-8168)
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Replacement lever kit for backpack sprayers. Fits models 61800, 61803, 61804, 61850, 61900, 62000, 64800

Chapin Brass Nozzle Female Fan Tip 1.0 gpm (1-5943)
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A durable brass nozzle that is compatible with a several Chapin sprayers.

Chapin Nozzle - Complete Assembly (Model #6-8131)
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7 piece replacement nozzle assembly for Chapin backpack sprayers.

Chapin Piston Cylinder Kit (#6-8159)
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Chapin Piston Cylinder Kit (#6-8159)

Chapin Poly Adjustable Cone Nozzle with Acid Staining (#6-5372)
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Chapin Poly Adjustable Cone Nozzle with Acid Staining (#6-5372)

Chapin Poly Chrome Plated Straight Extension 1 Meter Wand (6-7772)
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A straight extension wand perfect to use on hard to reach areas for a variety of ergo style spray handle sprayers.

Chapin Pressure Chamber Housing (#6-8198)
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Genuine Chapin Replacement Pressure Chamber Housing for ProSeries and Bleach and Disinfectant Backpack Sprayers

Chapin Replacement Hose with Retaining Nuts for Poly Sprayers (6-2001)
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A durable replacement hose that includes retaining nuts for Chapin poly sprayers.

Chapin Replacement Shut-Off Repair Kit for Backpack Sprayers (6-8120B)
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Genuine replacement parts to repair the backpack shut-off for Chapin sprayers.

Pump for Chapin Stainless Steel Sprayer Model 1739 (3-7534-1)
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Replacement Pump for Chapin stainless steel sprayer model 1739 (3-7534-1)

Chapin 4 Way Nozzle (#3-5796)
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A 4 way multi nozzle kit for Chapin products.

Chapin Ergo Spray Handle Kit (6-5382)
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This ergo spray handle kit is made for use with Chapin sprayers.

Chapin Poly Shut-off Assy for Cleaner/Degreaser Sprayers (6-4638)
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A sturdy replacement poly shut-off for Chapin cleaner or degreaser sprayers.

Chapin Pressure Relief Valve for Acid Staining Sprayers (6-5374)
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A sturdy replacement pressure relief valve for Chapin acid staining sprayers.

Chapin ProSeries O-rings & Seals (6-5387)
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Includes seals and o-rings for ProSeries Sprayers.

Chapin Replacement Acetone Nozzle Kit (6-1928)
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A replacement nozzle kit that is specially designed to be used with Chapin Acetone Sprayer model number 21127.


Parts for Chapin brand sprayers.

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