Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray


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Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray can (20 oz)

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Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray

Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray by BASF is formulated with two active ingredients and a synergist to provide a quick knockdown of flying insects and residual activity that lasts for hours. Easy to use, designed for heavy traffic areas. Treated area should be vaccated and well ventilated after application. Can be used inside and outside and on livestock listed on the product label. This product can also be used around and in the following areas: campgrounds, catteries, cattle (beef) operations, dairy farms (including milk parlor, milk house, holding lots and loafing sheds), homes, hog operations, horse stables and barns, poultry operations, ultilies, kennels, and non-feed or food areas of food storage areas, hotels, hospitals, motels, schools, resorts, supermarkets, warehouses, transportation equipment (boats, buses, ships, trucks, trains, planes), and other industrial and commercial buildings. Food must be covered or removed during treatment when used in food preparation or food handling areas of restaurants and food processing plants.

Space Treatment: Open cabinets and closets in area to be treated. Shut off air conditioners, fans and close doors and windows before spraying. Calculate the cubic footage to be treated and apply at the prescribed rate for the pest(s) to be treated. Direct spray toward area suspected of harboring the greatest insect infestations. Dispense in all locations contacting as many insects as possible. Keep area closed for 15 minutes. Open and ventilate treated areas before reoccupying.

Space Treatment: Spray at a rate of 5 - 10 sec/1,000 cubic ft of space. Fill room with mist. Disperse in all locations.

Volumetric Treatment: Calculate void volume and treat at a rate of 5 - 10 sec/1,000 cubic ft.

For campground application, remove all exposed food and cooking utensils. Cover all food handling surfaces or wash thoroughly after treatment and before use. Do not use on edible crops.

See Label for complete instructions.

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    5 of 5 stars  flying bug spray
    By Terry in highland ca. on 02/19/2015
    Verified Purchase

    great stuff ! had a nats problem in my house, cleaned out all the critters with half a spray can.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Works great!
    By Julie in Vero Beach, FL on 10/03/2016

    This is the only thing that works well on my horse for controlling pests! I can not buy it in FL so I found it online. Thank God!!

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04/15/2015 James from Phoenix, Az

QCan Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray be used around swimming pools; will the active ingredient break down in water?

A Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray  Can be used around pools just not in the pool itself. 

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07/03/2014 Pam from Liberty, Nc

Qcan i spray product on my carpet

AClear Zone is designed to be used as a space spray, so it will be broadcast applied over carpets. Please be sure you can ventilate the area for at least 2 hours after application.

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09/30/2014 Anne from Sf Bay Area

QCan Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray be used outside the home?
We've been having lots of flies this summer and was wondering if this product can be used outside of the home.

AYes, Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray can be used outdoors. For the best results, spray when the wind is 5 mph or less. Apply in wide swaths across the areas to be treated. Allow the drift spray to penetrate dense foilage.

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07/22/2015 Jackie from Nc

QCan you apply Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray on horse and donkeys?


Clear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray can be applied on horse and donkeys per the product label. Instructions for on-animal use: Lightly mist over the backs of horses and ponies from a distance of at least 2ft. Use 2-4 sec spray/animal. Do not spray directly in face or eyes. Do not treat sick animals. Repeat as necessary but no more than once per day.

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11/12/2014 Ramelle from Bristow

QIs the product odor-free? Is it safe around cats?
Does the product contain any perfumes or leave an odor? Also, I need to spray rooms where my cats live for flies - how long should I keep the cats out of the rooms after spraying? if i cover the food and water can i spray high up on the walls with the cats present in the room?

AClear Zone Double Impact Farm Fly Spray does have an odor but it does not linger once dry. You should remove all pets from the area where the application is being performed and they should not re-eneter until the treated area has fully dried, which should only take a couple of hours. Be sure to read the full product label for complete use instructions prior to treating.

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