Clearys Spectro 90 WDG


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Clearys Spectro 90 WDG
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Clearys Spectro 90 WDG controls and prevents a wide range a diseases on both turfgrass, ornamental plants, flowers, foliage plants, bedding plants, trees, shrubs, and ground covers. Clearys Spectro 90 WDG works both systemically and on contact. This product is able to be tank mixed with most commonly used pesticides (see label for full details) and has a full chemigation label.

Maximum seasonal application limits apply - See label for details.

Do not apply to Pittosporium or Schefflera more than once.

Use of this product on home lawns is prohibited.

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04/17/2014 Rob from Plymouth, Mi

QSpectro 90 WDG Fungicide 5 lb
Hello, I've purchased Spectro 90 WDG Fungicide 5 lb and I would like to know, how much of powder I should use per gallon of water? I have 1 gallon sprayer and I have to use it for needle cast on blue spruce...

AFor samller spot treatments you would use 1-2 tablespoons of Cleary's Spectro 90 WDG per gallon of water and thoroughly spray the blue spruce being sure to provide adequate coverage.

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04/15/2014 Rob from Mi

QI have Rhizosphaera needlecast on my spruce trees. How much Clearys Spectro 90WDG do I need per gal of water?
I have 1 gallon sprayer.

AYou would use 1-2 tablespoons of the Clearys Spectro 90 WDG per gallon of water and make sure to spray thoroughly as this is a contact fungicide. You may see a white powdery residue on the needles for a few days but this will eventually wear off. 

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09/29/2015 Brian from Fairfield, Id

QHow often do I need to spray my blue spruce for fungus with Clearys Spectro 90 WDG? Is there a specific time this product should be sprayed?


When you are treating blue spruce trees with  Clearys Spectro 90 WDG, it is recommended that you spray every 3-4 weeks until the conditions are no longer favorable for disease development. Since this product is a curative, you will use it when the disease appears so this could be at any time of the year.

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01/03/2015 J. from Vero Beach, Fl

QRatio of H20 to Spectro 90 mix

AThe amount of water to use with Clearys Spectro 90 WDG is dependent upon how much water it takes to cover 1,000 sq feet. To determine how much water to use, we recommend the following steps. Mark off a 1,000 sq ft area. Fill 1 gallon pump sprayer with just plain water. Spray the area to determine how much water you will mix Clearys Spectro 90 WDG with to fully cover 1,000 sq feet. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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06/21/2016 Kathy from Mich

QCan Clearys Spectro 90 WDG be used on pickles and tomatoes plants?


Clearys Spectro 90 WDG†is not labeled to be used on anything edible. †Could you tell us what type of disease you are trying to treat and we can offer a better recommendation

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06/10/2013 Micaela from Shorewood Wisconsin

Qdoes this product harm birds? why is it restricted in New York?


Clearys Spectro 90 WDG should not harm birds. However, to discuss where and how you are treating to ensure the birds are not harmed please contact Cleary at 800-524-1662.

Each State has there own guidelines as to what can and cannot be shipped to their State. This why certain products are restricted to different States.

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03/25/2016 Bob from Ada, Michigan

QWhat do you recommend to treat rhizosphaera needle cast on blue spruce trees in Michigan?
We have approximately 100 trees to treat. We would like to do the treatment ourselves.


The only product that we do carry that does not say it cannot be used on blue spruce for needlecast is†Clearys Spectro. †Please be aware that although the label states that it can be used on blue spruce, it may still bleach the trees, which is the problem with most products when they are used on blue spruce.† You may also want to contact the cooperative extension office in your area to see what products they may recommend for you to use.†

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