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Cy-Kick CS

Cy-kick CS liquid concentrate insecticide provides 90 days of full-throttle killing power, controlling insects indoors and outdoors. With a broad spectrum label including spiders, ants, mosquitoes, bees, cockroaches, crickets, fleas, flies, bed bugs, silverfish, ticks, wasps, wood infesting borers and more, you don’t have to pick and choose between different insecticides for different pests. Cy-Kick CS works great against every insect you’re up against, so one product and one application is all you need. Simply mix 1 to 2 oz Cy-kick CS per gallon of water and apply using a small commercial sprayer or foamer. Spray liberally indoors along baseboards, in cracks and crevices, and wall voids. Cy-Kick is also used as an outdoor perimeter or lawn treatment. The density of Cy-Kick CS is similar to water, resulting in an even, consistent mixture that requires little agitation to remain in full suspension. When sprayed, Cy-Kick CS creates a thick barrier of microcapsules that is impossible for insects to cross without being exposed to a lethal dose of insecticide. Exposed insects pick up microcapsules on their hairs and body triggering a rapid release of the active ingredient, resulting in death. Cy-kick CS is virtually odorless, and will not create a visible residue or stain when used according to the recommended label rate.

How Cy-Kick CS Works

The active ingredient in Cy-Kick CS is Cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that attacks the central nervous system of target pests. Made to mimic the effects on insects of naturally occurring pyrethrum, man-made cyfluthrin has the advantage of remaining effective for up to 3 months. SmartCap Technology means Cy-Kick CS stands up to porous and highly absorbent surfaces such as concrete, while the polymer shell protects the active ingredient making it readily available to pests. When sprayed, Cy-Kick CS creates a thick barrier of microcapsules that is impossible for insects to cross without being exposed to a lethal dose of insecticide. Exposed insects pick up microcapsules on their hairs and body, triggering a rapid release of the active ingredient, resulting in death. Though Cy-Kick CS is tough on insects, it is very gentle on people and pets when used correctly.

Target Insects

A wide variety of structural pests including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, millipedes, mosquitoes, scorpions, spiders, wasps, bees, and yellowjackets

INSECTS CONTROLLED: Ants, Asian Lady Bugs, Bed Bugs, Bees, Boxelder Bugs, Cadelles, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Carpet Beetles, Centipedes, Chocolate Moths, Cigarette Beetles, Clover Mites, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, Crickets, Darkling Beetles, Dermestids, Drugstore Beetles, Earwigs, Elm Leaf Beetles, Fire Ants, Firebrats, Fleas, Flies, Flour Beetles, Grain Weevils, Grasshoppers, Hide Beetles, Hornets, House Flies, Indian Meal Moths, Larder Beetles, Lesser Grain Borers, Lesser Mealworms, Loopers, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Merchant Grain Beetles, Mealworms, Millipedes, Mosquitoes, Psocids, Rice Weevils, Sawtoothed Grain Beetles, Scorpions, Silverfish, Sowbugs, Spiders, Springtails, Stable Flies, Stored Product Pests, Termites, Ticks, Yellowjackets, Warehouse Moths, Wasps, Wood Wasps, Wood-Infesting Borers and Beetles

Target Uses

Cy-Kick CS is an ideal broad-spectrum insecticide for prevention, maintenance, or active infestations of over 55 common structural pests in residential and commercial applications. SmartCap Technology makes Cy-Kick CS ideal for a variety of surfaces, including porous and highly absorbent areas like concrete and mulch. SmartCap microencapsulation also increase the residual life of Cy-Kick CS to up to 90 days, making it ideal for quarterly pest control treatments. Because Cy-Kick CS is a microencapsulated suspension, it is more resilient in direct sunlight and more easily picked up by tough pests such as cockroaches, scorpions, and mosquitoes.

Application Instructions

Cy-Kick CS can be used inside as a crack and crevice treatment or outside as a perimeter treatment for listed pests, for localized treatment of wood-destroying insects, for outdoor mosquito control, and for yellow jacket baiting outdoors. See below for further details. Always read the product label completely before use.

Mixing instructions - Thoroughly clean spray equipment before using Cy-Kick CS. Shake concentrate well before diluting. When diluting, first add approximately one-half of the water to the spray tank and then add the proper amount of Cy-Kick CS. When emptying the bottles, triple rinse with water, shake well and add the rinsate to the spray tank. Add the rest of the water and agitate the sprayer thoroughly. Agitate sprayer occasionally during use to ensure even mixture. Shake or re-agitate sprayer if spraying is interrupted or if dilution is left in sprayer overnight. If spray screens are used, they should be 50 mesh or larger. See video above for handheld sprayer application.

Void/Crack and Crevice Application - To treat insects harbored in voids and in cracks and crevices, apply with equipment designed for void applications. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for proper equipment set up and operating pressures. Place the tip of the applicator at or into the crack or crevice to be treated. Apply product in short bursts while keeping tip in position. Allow the air stream to push insecticide deep into voids. Application should be made in such a manner to limit dripping and run-off on structural surfaces and plants.

  • 16 ounce bottle yields 8-16 gallons of finished solution for standard application rates.
  • 120 ounce bottle yields 60-120 gallons of finished solution.
  • 1 gallon of finished solution covers approximately 1,000 square feet.
  • For higher volume outdoor applications, a 16 oz. bottle treats 16,000 to 32,000 sq. ft. and 120 oz. bottle treats 120,000 to 240,000 sq. ft. (approximately 2.75 - 5.5 acres).

Standard Application Dilution rates / Mixing Ratios

  • 1.0 fl. oz. (30 ml) gal. of water – 0.05% - maintenance, prevention applications
  • 2.0 fl. oz. (60 ml) gal. of water – 0.10% - clean-out applications, longer residual control, or high insect infestations
  • For outdoor perimeter treatments, use 0.5-1.0 fl. oz/1,000 square feet in sufficient water to adequately cover the area being treated. Alternate directions are to use 4-8 fl. oz/ 50 gal. of water. See product label for Suggested Mixing Chart for Larger Tank Sizes.
  • For yellowjacket baiting outdoors, use 2.0 g of concentrate to 100 g of bait matrix. See below for details.

Use in the Following Areas:

Apartments, Calf Hutches, Calving Pens and Parlors, Campgrounds, Empty Chicken Houses, Dairy Areas, Dog Kennels, Food Storage Areas, Grain Mills, Granaries, Hog Barns, Homes, Horse Barns, Hospitals, Hotels, Meat Packing Plants, Food Processing Plants, Milkrooms, Motels, Nursing Homes, Rabbit Hutches, Resorts, Restaurants and other Food Handling Establishments, Schools, Supermarkets, Transportation Equipment (Buses, Boats, Ships, Trains, Trucks, Planes (do not use in airplane cabins)), Utilities, Warehouses, Commercial and Industrial Buildings; Federally inspected meat and poultry plants, Livestock Housing


Dilute Cy-Kick CS to 0.05% or 0.10% (1.0 oz. or 2.0 oz) with water using the spray dilution chart. Cy-Kick CS should be used as a Crack & Crevice residual product where insects may be hiding, living and breeding and/or for selected spot application. When using in food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments, restaurants or other areas where food/feed is commercially prepared or processed, refer to the section entitled “Food/Feed Areas of Food Handling Establishments” on product label for use directions. Non-food/feed areas are areas such as garbage rooms, restrooms, floor drains (to sewers), entries and vestibules, offices, locker rooms, machine rooms, boiler rooms, garages, mop closets and storage (after canning or bottling).

Bed Bugs – Apply to cracks and crevices where evidence of bed bugs occurs. This includes bed frames, box springs, inside empty dressers and clothes closets, carpet edges, high and low wall moldings and wallpaper edges. Do not use this product on mattresses, pillows, bed linens or clothes. Remove all clothes and other articles from dressers or clothes closets before application. Allow all treated areas to dry thoroughly before use. Not recommended for use as sole protection against bed bugs.

  • Do not apply more than twice per week. Treatments must be at least 3 days apart.
  • Cy-Kick CS may be converted to a foam and the foam used to treat structural voids to control insect and arthropod pests in walls, under slabs or in other void areas. Apply as a dry foam (approx. 25:1).


Cy-Kick CS can be used as a residual treatment on outdoor surfaces and/or as a crack, crevice and void treatment of buildings, porches, window frames, leaves, patios, garages, garbage dumps and other areas where pests congregate or enter premises. Repeat treatment as necessary to maintain effectiveness, but not more than twice per week. Treatments must be at least 3 days apart. Use the 0.05% or 0.10% (1.0 oz. or 2.0 oz) rate. Cy-Kick CS can be used as a residual treatment to control pests in outdoor void areas such as meter boxes and manholes. Repeat treatment as necessary, but not more than twice per week. Treatments must be at least 3 days apart. Use the 0.05% or 0.10% (1.0 oz. or 2.0 oz) rate.

Perimeter Treatment - To help prevent infestations of buildings, treat a band of soil 6 to 10 feet wide around and adjacent to the building. Also treat the building foundation to a height of 2 to 3 feet where pests are active and may find entrance. Treat other insect entry points such as doors, windows, under siding and eaves of structure. Cy-Kick CS may be applied in compressed air, backpack or power spray equipment. An application rate of 0.5 to 1.0 fluid ounce of Cy-Kick CS per 1000 sq. ft. is desirable. Apply in sufficient water to adequately cover the area being treated. Application should be made in such a manner to limit dripping and run-off on structural surfaces and plants. Alternate directions are to use 4 to 8 fl. oz. of product per 50 gallons of water.

Mosquitos – Use handheld, backpack, or truck mounted sprayers only. Use up to 150 gallons of diluted spray per acre. Treat shrubbery, vegetation and other areas where mosquitoes may rest. Shrubbery and vegetation around stagnant pools, marshy areas, ponds, and shorelines may be treated if applied as a wet spray.

Fleas – Treat infested areas. This product will kill fleas on contact but does not provide residual control.

Yellow Jacket Control Outdoors – Add 2.0g of concentrate to 100g of bait matrix and mix thoroughly (approximately ¼ tsp of concentrate per 3.75 oz. of bait) per dispenser. Mix only enough bait for immediate use. Hang dispensers in a sunny location, from a tree limb or other suitable support around the periphery of the area to be protected and at heights inaccessible to children and pets. Use 3-4 dispensers/acre or place them about 100 ft apart. Replenish dispensers with fresh bait as long as yellowjackets are present. Unused baits will probably be unattractive to yellowjackets after a few days, especially if temperatures are above 90 degrees F. See product label for more details on baiting suggestions and how to make and mark dispensers. See also our Alpine Yellow Jacket Bait Station Kit with Onslaught.

Cy-Kick CS Features

  • Pet safe when dry
  • Virtually no odor or staining
  • Easy mixing ratios
  • Labeled for applications in food-handling establishments
  • SmartCap Technology protects active ingredient from UV rays and porous surfaces.
  • SmartCap Technology reduces exposure risk during mixing and application.
  • Convenient squeeze and pour containers make measuring and mixing easy.
  • Broad-spectrum killing power and 90-day residual control of structural pests on all surfaces
  • SmartCap Technology offers extended residual control and enhances performance on porous and highly absorbent surfaces and in direct sunlight.
  • Insects easily pick up optimal sized SmartCap microcapsules, leading to the fast diffusion of the active ingredient into the exoskeleton of the pest.
  • The microcapsule is designed to release the active ingredient into the exoskeleton of insects while reducing its exposure to mammals.

Extra Tips for Using

  • Cy-Kick CS should be applied with handheld, backpack, or truck mounted sprayers only.
  • Not for use in outdoor residential misting systems or fogging devices.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes after application before allowing pets or children into treatment area. For best results, allow 24 hours after outdoor application before expected rainfall or watering.
  • Store out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Use concentrate within 3 years of purchase for best results.
  • Not for use on edible vegetation.
  • Heavy applications may leave a visible deposit on some surfaces.
  • Shake concentrate well before mixing.
  • Does not provide instant knockdown of bees, wasps, and yellowjackets.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • 156 of 169 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Takes care of all my insect problems
    By Howell on 07/22/2008

    I have used Cy-Kick CS for years. I never hire pest control services. This solutions takes care of all my insect problems. I use it in my house, the outside area my house, the porches and deck areas, and in my shop. However, try to spray AFTER a rain spell (on your outside area). Spray the lower edge of your house, around weep holes, around doors and windows. I use it every two to three months, or after lengthy rain spells. Spray inside your house under and behind couches, beds, other furniture, under sinks, etc. My pets have never been harmed by this product.

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  • 114 of 116 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Only product that eliminated scorpions
    By Roxanne in Phoenix, AZ on 03/14/2010
    Verified Purchase

    Arizona resident - with mature date palms next door - need I say more? After stuggling with an interior scorpion problem for two years, I purchased the first pint of Cy-Kick and began spraying systematically on the first of each month. This was after hiring a monthly pest service for about a year - they would come on the first and I would begin to see live scorpions inside around the 15th so would spray in between visits. The service was using a weaker solution for interior and Cy-Kick for exterior. Taking the task on my own, I begin with spraying interior with Cy-Kick for first two months, and exterior every month. Now I only spray interior once a year and exterior every month. Haven't seen a scorpion inside for a year!!! Pest control experts will say spray doesn't touch scorpions - I beg to differ. Cy-Kick is the only way to go.

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  • 99 of 102 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Works fairly quickly.
    By Travis on 05/23/2007

    I am mainly trying to kill and get rid of scorpions. I have used this product in the past and killed them fairly quickly as well as other bugs around the house. With the Cy-Kick CS I did not hear crickets and saw a lot of dead roaches.

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  • 80 of 85 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Fast kill
    By John on 04/15/2008

    I applied some Cy-Kick CS directly on a scorpion while I was treating my house. That sucker was dead in about 3 minutes. So far I haven't seen any in my house.

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  • 57 of 59 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Cy-Kick CS is fantastic on Arizona scorpions
    By Keith in Gilbert, Arizona on 03/21/2010

    I started using Cy-Kick CS after moving into a home infested with scorpions. After using this product for two months (2oz per gallon), spraying exterior of house and perimeter fence, scorpions have disappeared. I only have to spray once a month. Well worth the money if you have ever been stung.

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Most Recent Customer Reviews
  • 23 of 25 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Eliminates roaches
    By Stuart in Spartanburg, SC on 05/29/2013
    Verified Purchase

    My wife and I moved into an older house last summer and battled roaches in our wooded neighborhood until winter came. My wife called an exterminator every time we found a roach in the house (which was every couple of weeks), so I decided to try it myself this spring to save money. I ordered Cy-Kick CS about a month ago but hadn't used it yet when I noticed a couple of huge roaches on top of the manhole cover to the city sewer directly in front of our front yard. I mixed up some Cy-Kick and sprayed a wide ring on the street surrounding the manhole cover and the next morning there were literally dozens of dead roaches within a 20 foot radius of the manhole cover. It was a total massacre. The following Saturday I sprayed a 6 foot band completely surrounding the house, and haven't seen any bugs inside yet. We'll see how the rest of the spring and summer go, but so far, I'm very impressed with this product. Every roach that crawled out of that sewer in front of our lawn didn't make it very far, and they seem to have left altogether. Great product.

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  • 21 of 22 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Cy-Kick Arizona
    By Earl in AZ on 03/11/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Please listen. Read. Most bugs die by ingestion. Try not to make too much of it. When a cockroach walks through a poison and then later as they ALWAYS do clean their body parts the poison is now in their system. Cy-Kick is different. I live in a suburb of Phoenix and Holy &%#& the bark scorpions are out of control. They will live through anything because they NEVER NEVER clean themselves. This Cy-Kick is the first and for the time being the only pesticide that will penetrate their hard shell. It really is amazing. I work in a blue-collar aircraft hanger and we group together and buy a large amount at one time. The stuff is amazing. My job is to kill bark scorpions and this stuff kills everything so I am happy. Good Day.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 24 of 30 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Cy-Kick CS use in the Texas Hill Country
    By Ron in Spicewood, TX on 10/01/2010
    Verified Purchase

    I have used Cy-Kick for several years. It is the best product I have found for controlling spiders (those pesky webs will show up everywhere) and especially scorpions. It has no odor and is easily applied inside or outside with no side effects. I have two pet dogs and they are not attracted to it like other pest control products. So, it is safe for use around pets as well as being an effective product.

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  • 30 of 31 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Kills scorpions and other pests
    By Koby on 09/27/2010
    Verified Purchase

    About 10 years ago I was a licensed pest control guy that used to work for a large national chain. Here in AZ everyone is concerned about scorpions, but it seems difficult to find a residual product that controls them. This stuff really does. Once I bought my own home, I treated the perimeter with Cy-Kick CS (1.5 oz to a gallon of water) and have continued to do so every 4-6 weeks and have had literally no pest problems at all on the inside of the home. Actually the only "pest" we spotted was a dead scorpion lying in the middle of our hallway - about 3 feet from the garage entry door. This was proof to me that even scorpions are not immune to it. With two little children running around, my wife is much happier knowing this. It also controls crickets really well - another big problem in our neighborhood. It's so nice not having one of those hard-to-find crickets chirping somewhere in your living room every evening.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 16 of 16 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Awesome product - Kills scorpions
    By Brett in Goodyear, AZ on 09/26/2010

    I bought this product for one reason:scorpions. I did quite a bit of research on-line but couldn't really find any good remedy until I stumbled upon Cy-kick. Our professional pest control company was using this. This is a great product because it not only will kill scorpions, it also kills their food source. And it is safe to use indoors. The only downside is that it is not fast acting. My wife found a scorpion in our kitchen in the evening, went to find something to kill it, and it disappeared. The next day I found it midday near our refrigerator motionless. When I nudged it, it moved it's legs very slowly. I stuck it on a piece of tape, and a few hours later, it was dead. It kills smaller pests, like ants, within 5 minutes after contact. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a scorpion infestation.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 23 of 23 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Works for scorpions
    By Casey in peoria, az on 09/13/2010
    Verified Purchase

    So far, so good. We had a huge scorpion problem, I killed 6 in one night in our house and about 20 in the past month. I used Cy-Kick and the next day found 4 dead or dying scorpions in plain sight. It's been about 3 weeks now and we've only seen 2 alive in the house. I have yet to treat the inside since we have small pets and a crawling baby. I would highly recommend.

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  • 17 of 18 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Dead Scorpions
    By Az in South West, Arizona on 09/07/2010

    THIS STUFF WORKS. If you have scorpions don't even waste your time with anything else. Buy this stuff and you won't be disappointed. I've found dead scorpions, scorpions that made it one foot from the door half dead and twitching. I live in Arizona where scorpions are not only deadly but very common. A MUST IF YOU LIVE IN AZ.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 40 of 40 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  CY- KICK's A$$
    By Paul in Chandler, Arizona on 07/04/2010
    Verified Purchase

    Arizona here.. I had over 60 Scorpions in my yard that I found under black light in one night.  That means 100's more are there.  I got the CY-KICK CS and sprayed and a day later I had 1, which was on top of my fence, so I think it was trying to come over the fence from my neighbors house. but decided it wasn't going any further...THIS STUFF WORKS!  Forget the stuff at the store.  It makes scorpions laugh, this makes them die...Oh and cockroaches and black widows as well and other creatures .. I found several black widows dead on the ground the next day.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 18 of 19 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Effective Insecticide
    By Mg in AZ on 04/18/2010
    Verified Purchase

    I have purchased Cy-Kick CS from a local speciality pest control store at almost double the price. It seems to be working much more effectively than the insecticides found at Lowes or Home Depot. I used it 2 oz per gallon for outside applications and 1 oz per gallon for inside applications.

    Was this review helpful to you?  Yes No

  • 19 of 22 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  The Scorpion king
    By Oscar in buckeye az on 04/12/2010
    Verified Purchase

    First thing's first, I sprayed Cy-Kick around my home yesterday.  Here in Arizona it is getting warm out, and this morning I found a stung scorpion in the front door, it looked paralyzed, I have not seen any lately but I know they're around. This product sold me!  This young guy who works for a bug co told me about it 6 months ago.  I used Lowes over the counter stuff, it worked on crickets & bugs but not scorpions but this stuff stop that scorpion. My brother lives down the street I called him he wants your website I bought 2 pints from you guys. & neighbors.  Thank you very much the only thing that works for me was sticky trap's I'm going to buy some more I did clean my 2 wienie dogs paws when they came back in the house that is the only worry I have.

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Most Helpful Q&A's

07/15/2010 Ray

QDoes Cy Kick CS kill black widow spiders?
There are so many other products that state, "Kills spiders (excluding Black Widow and Brown Recluse)".

AYes, CY Kick CS will kill just about any spider that it is sprayed on. Spiders are very difficult to control however and most residual insecticides like Cy Kick CS will kill any spider that it is physically sprayed on, but new spiders entering the area are very difficult for any insecticide to control.  This is because spiders bodies are high off of the ground and they do not groom their legs like other insects do. How these products mainly control spiders is that they kill the spiders food that is around, all of the other bugs, and if there is no food around, then the spiders will not want to be in that area anymore.

31 of 32 people found this answer helpful.
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08/06/2009 Xxx

QCan I use Cy-Kick CS while my dog is in my house?

AYes, you can use Cy-Kick CS while the dog is in the house.  When you mix this concentrate with water, it is only .06% active ingredient and only strong enough to kill small insects.  It is a good idea to keep pets and children outside or in another room while treating and then allow about 30 minutes for the product to dry.  Once dry, it is perfectly safe for children and pets to re-enter the living space.  Of course you should always store the bottle of concentrate just like any other cleaning chemicals, out of reach of children and pets.

27 of 28 people found this answer helpful.
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04/25/2010 Dan

QHow does Cy-kick CS compare with Talstar (bifen) products?

ACy-Kick CS and Talstar are both great products and are both very popular choices on our website.  Other than them both being different active ingredients and killing insects in different ways, they are both very effective and can be used indoors and outdoors and they are both very safe.  We would say that the main difference is that Cy-Kick CS is microencapsulated which means it will hold up a little better outdoors in UV light, probably about 3-4 weeks longer than Talstar.  Either one would be a good choice and really just depends on personal preference. 

25 of 25 people found this answer helpful.
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10/05/2010 Derek

QWhat works better for killing scorpions, Demand CS or Cy Kick CS?

AThe Demand CS and Cy-Kick CS are very similar in performance for killing scorpions. Both products contain active ingredients that are synthetic pyrethroids and both products are micro-encapsulated. Cy-Kick CS is a bit more popular with customers that are trying to control scorpions.

23 of 27 people found this answer helpful.
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07/18/2010 Julius

QIs Cy-kick CS better than Bifen It?
What is the difference between Cy-Kick CS and Bifen IT?

AThe main difference is that the Cy-Kick CS is a microencapsulated suspension. Micro Encapsulation means that each droplet of insecticide is encased in a protective microscopic capsule, which provides a long residual even in direct sunlight. Micro cap also means the product can be more easily picked up by the tiny hairs on insects and especially flying insects.  So, while both the Bifen IT and the Cy-Kick CS are great products there are some instances where Cy-Kick CS is a bit more effective such as spider and scorpion control and on outdoor surfaces that are exposed to the elements.

23 of 23 people found this answer helpful.
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Most Recent Customer Questions

09/13/2015 Steve

Q Will vacuuming or mopping the floor clean away the residue of Cy-Kick CS?
I spray Cy-kick CS indoors around the baseboard in my home which is mainly hardwood and tile flooring.


You should vacuum and mop prior to the application of Cy-Kick CS to the cracks and crevices. You can vacuum without retreating with the product. It has a 90 day indoor residual so if you mop the area, you will need to reapply.

6 of 6 people found this answer helpful.
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08/31/2015 Veronica from East Hartford Ct

QIs Cy kick safe for dogs?


Cy kick CS is safe for dogs to be around after it has dried. approx. 2 hours. 

6 of 6 people found this answer helpful.
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06/08/2013 Mike from Cleburne, Tx

QWhat should we use to control an increase in scorpions inside buildings?
We have had an infestation (10-12 per day) of scorpions in our house after seeing only one or two over the last 30 years. We have heard of neighbors experiencing the same problem here in central Texas. Is there any explanation and what is the best treatment plan (which pesticides and recommended applications) to follow?

AThe Cy-Kick CS is our number one product for scorpion control. You have to create a wide barrier with it around your home, much more than you would for regular insects as scorpions exoskeletons are harder to penetrate. You would spray 3 feet up on the side of the home, and 6-10 feet out on the ground, all the way around the foundation. Be sure to spray around window and door frames, as well as any other entry point the scorpions could use like areas where pipes enter the home. Anywhere around the home that you might have landscape mulch or rock is going to be a prime harboring area for the scorpions so be sure to saturate those areas and get under the mulch where they can hide. You can spray the Cy-kick inside around baseboards and cracks and crevices so that if they make it past the outside border of the home there is more insecticide waiting on them. To try and cut down the risk of getting stung in case they make it indoors, put down glue boards to catch them on around baseboards and doorways. As for the increase in population, it is mostly due to the fact that weather and conditions across the US have been prime for these type of pests, as well as others that they feed on, to grow and multiply rapidly. When conditions are moist and right due to heavy rains and warmer than normal winters like we have had, it is normal to see a huge surge in activity, especially for this year.

10 of 10 people found this answer helpful.
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05/28/2013 Mike from Texas

QApplication Rate
I've asked a prior question regarding usage rates of CyKick CS. I'm always trying to find a way to eliminate the need for a professional control service. However, I looked at my invoice the other day and realized the technician sprayed almost 15 gallons around my 2000SF home! Keep in mind, this was simply my bi-monthly treatment for Scorpions - no infestation or anything. He uses a "power sprayer" and I'm sure lots of water in his mixture, but how could I duplicate 15 gallons? Does that seem excessive? So as you can tell, it's things like that that make us (the consumer) reluctant to DIY...

AFor scorpion control, you are always going to use much more product than you would for general pest control. For general insects like ants, spiders and roaches you would only spray 2 feet up and 2 feet out just around the foundation of the home. For scorpions you need a much wider barrier for them to cross to have the product pass through their tough exoskeleton. It normally takes spraying 6-10 feet out on the ground around the home, plus any other landscape harborage areas to control them effectively. Depending on the outdoor elements in your area will depend on whether you will need to treat monthly or every 2-3 months. The Cy-Kick CS is a great option for scorpion control but you will use a fair amount of it to treat and keep your property free of pests. You normally mix it at the rate of 1-2 ounces per gallon of water, and each gallon you mix up will cover roughly 1000 sq/ft, depending on how heavy you wet the surface area.

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03/11/2013 Jim from Phoenix, Arizona

QI live in Phoenix, Arizona and have desert landscaping (no grass). What is the best product(s) for scorpions?

AThere are several products that would do an awesome job controlling scorpions. Cy-Kick CS is a favorite among professional pest control operators. Cy-Kick CS is a micro-encapsulated product. This means that the particles of the active ingredient are contained in tiny mico-capsules, the insect walks onto the treated surface and picks up the capsules on their bodies and then the micro capsules slowly dry out and crack and the active ingredient oozes out on the insect. These micro capsules make the Cy-Kick last for up to 90 days and also make it safer to use around pets and children. Be sure to spray in the areas where scorpions actually harbor, rock beds, garden areas, bricks walls, under landscaping timbers and also spray around the perimeter of your home.

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04/19/2011 Robin

QWhat is the shelf life of an opened bottle of Cy-Kick CS?

AAs long as the cap has been kept on the bottle and the bottle has been kept out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight a bottle of Cy-Kick CS should last for about 3 years after it has been opened.

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10/07/2010 Andrew

QCan Cy-Kick CS be applied outside when it raining?

ANo. You can only apply Cy-Kick CS on dry days. Applying on rainy days can cause the product to "run off" of the surface you sprayed and go into undesirable areas. For best results, it is best to have 24 hours before and 24 hours after the application with no rain. This will allow the product to stick to the surface that you have sprayed.

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09/30/2010 Krystal

QWhich product is best for killing roaches in my house?
I would like to get rid of them quickly and also keep them gone.

ACy-Kick CS is a great product and will do a great job helping you to get rid of roaches. We recommend using a roach bait gel to help get rid of roaches in places where you cannot spray. We also recommend using an IGR (insect growth regulator) which helps stop the roaches breeding cycle while you are trying to get rid of the infestation. Take a look at our Roach Control Kit # 2. It contains all of the products needed to help rid your home of roaches.

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09/20/2010 C.

QWhich product has the quickest kill, Cy Kick, Kicker or Exciter? Which one lasts longest?

AExciter and Kicker are pretty much the same product, they are just made by different manufacturers and contain pyrethrin as the active ingredient. Pyrethrin offers the fastest knockdown or kill of insects. Cy-Kick CS on the other hand will offer the longest residual; about one month outdoors and three months indoors. For the fastest punch and the longest residual, you can mix the Exciter and the Cy-Kick CS together as long as you follow the product labels.

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07/10/2010 Dean

QWill CyKick CS damage vinyl siding in any way?


Cy Kick CS is a water based product and should not cause damage to any surface that water would not damage.

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