Dorm Room Pest Kit


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Dorm Room Pest Kit

The Dorm Room Pest Kit contains 4 products that are easy and safe to use, that will rid insects without the use of chemicals. First, the FlyWeb Fly Light is a compact insect light trap for indoor use that plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet, bringing high-tech and effective fly control right to your dorm room. The FlyWeb uses an insect attracting lamp to lure insects onto a glue board that traps the unsuspecting pests. The glue boards can be easily removed, discarded and replaced (1 pack of refill Flyweb Fly Light Glue Boards included with kit). Traps house flies, fruit flies, cluster flies, phorid flies, bottle flies, drain flies, mosquitoes, gnats and more. Measures 3.5" wide x 11" high and uses a standard 110V plug-in compatible with any outlet. Each flylight comes with a light bulb and one glue board already installed. Second, the EcoPCO ACU aerosol is an environmentally-friendly spray that consists of natural botanical ingredients. The active ingredients in these products are derived from plant oils such as rosemary, wintergreen and eugenol. It will provide instant knockdown and kill insects as listed below. Third, this kit comes with Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors (Pack of 4). Each large card contains three small boards when separated. This will create a total of 12 monitors from the 4 larger cards. These monitors consist of food grade molasses that are in the boards to attract insects. These insect monitors can be placed anywhere and in any position so that insects will pass through.  This easy-to-use kit will help you monitor and capture those pesky insects!

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Dorm Room Pest Kit contains these products:

Eco PCO ACU aerosol - 17 oz. 1 x Eco PCO ACU aerosol - 17 oz.
Flyweb Fly Light 1 x Flyweb Fly Light
Flyweb Fly Light Glue Boards 1 x Flyweb Fly Light Glue Boards
Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors (Pack of 4) 1 x Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors (Pack of 4)
Cost of separate parts: $72.67
Kit price: $69.00
You save $3.67!

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