Dynatrap Indoor / Outdoor Insect Trap with Pole Mount and Water Tray (DT1200)


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Dynatrap Indoor / Outdoor Insect Trap with Pole Mount and Water Tray (DT1200) insect trap (black) $139.00Out of Stock!
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Dynatrap Indoor / Outdoor Insect Trap with Pole Mount and Water Tray (DT1200)

The Dynatrap Indoor / Outdoor Insect Trap with Pole Mount and Water Tray (DT1200) is an effective mosquito and nuisance insect trap that is convenient to install anywhere. It operates 24 hours a day in 7 days a week and it works best for indoor and outdoor use, covering up to ¾ acre area. The all-weather trap is built with a UV fluorescent bulb that produces a warm light for captivating insects and an absolute titanium dioxide-coated surface, which gives off carbon dioxide that is alluring to mosquitoes. To increase the trap’s effectiveness, the unit is equipped with a water tray that is specially designed to collect rain water, convincing insects to lay their eggs. When insects get close enough to the tray and lay their eggs in there, the smokeless vacuum fan whispers quietly and effectively sucks insects into the cage where they will eventually dehydrate and die within 24 hours.

The Dynatrap Insect Trap will surely match the scheme of your gorgeous place with its color option that is available in black and hunter green. Also, its withstanding 3 ft. pole will help you mount the trap to the place where you most need it. Once purchased, this includes an optional bracket to give you a choice in mounting the trap to your wall, establishing a fixture-like view. Dynatrap guarantees a 1 year warranty.


Now enjoy the freedom to place your trap where you most need it. The convenient pole stand allows you to target specific areas of your outdoor space for optimum insect control. This 3' stand is durable and made for all types of weather.


The Dynatrap DT1200 now includes a water tray that collects rain water and attracts egg-laying insects like mosquitos. When insects get close enough to try to lay their eggs, the Dynatrap's powerful (yet quiet) fan draws them into the cage where they dehydrate and die.

How it works

The trap emits odorless carbon dioxide (the same gas people exhale during respiration), light, and collects rain water to lure mosquitoes. Carbon dioxide is generated when ultraviolet rays from the UV bulbs react with a titanium dioxide coating inside the trap. Unlike propane systems that require frequent refills or electrocution traps that release pathogens when an insect is killed, this superior model uses 3,000-hour rated UV bulbs and does not create biological agents.

How do I install the Dynatrap?

  1. Unpack Unit. Save carton for off-season storage.
  2. Assemble stand: turn base on its side and insert bottom bar section into base, connecting the slot piece. Twist clockwise to tighten. Complete installation by aligning upper and lower support tube and inserting the bar sections.
  3. Plug cord into an outdoor outlet or UL listed extension cord as described in "IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS".
  4. Small holes in the lid of the unit are designed to collect rain water automatically and fill the water tray. If more water is needed, carefully fill tray ¾ full using a small container (do not use water hose as it may splash too much water inside the trap). Check once a week or as needed.
  5. For best catch results leave unit on at all times, except when cleaning or servicing.
  6. Catch rate activity will be higher at night. For best catch results it is recommended to keep the unit away from competing light sources. Intended for household use only.

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04/16/2015 Bukky

QCan the Dynatrap Indoor / Outdoor Insect Trap with Pole Mount and Water Tray (DT1200) control houseflies in the interior as well the exterior?

ADynatrap Indoor / Outdoor Insect Trap with Pole Mount and Water Tray (DT1200) is designed for outdoors and indoors.

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09/29/2016 Matt from Valhalla, Ny

QIs the Dynatrap Indoor / Outdoor Insect Trap with Pole Mount and Water effective in trapping and killing bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets?


The†Dynatrap Indoor / Outdoor Insect Trap with Pole Mount and Water†† is not as effective for attracting stinging insects. We would recommend other options like†Wasp traps†and/or dusting with Tempo dust†if you know where the nest it.†

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