Tomahawk Excluder One Way Door Chipmunk & similar sized animals - Model E35


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Tomahawk Excluder One Way Door Chipmunk & similar sized animals - Model E35 excluder

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Tomahawk Excluder One Way Door Chipmunk & similar sized animals - Model E35

The Tomahawk Model E35 is an excluder with a one way door designed for chipmunks, flying squirrels and small rodent sized animals. Excluders are designed to let animals remove themselves from unwanted areas. Excluders have mounting wings which allow them to be attached directly over the animals' entry/exit hole. The one way door lets animals exit but prevents them from returning. Model E35 is constructed from 1/2" x 1" - 16 gauge galvanized wire mesh, measures 10L x 3.5W x 3.5H and weighs 1 lb.

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    5 of 5 stars  Works well,easy to install
    By Nj in North Jersey on 04/08/2016

    Easy to set up and installed with staple gun. Watched the flying squirrel s leave and not be able to get back in! Clever

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02/08/2016 Robert from Waxahachie, Tx

QDoes the Tomahawk Excluder One Way Door - E35 come with screws and washers to mount it?


No, the Tomahawk Excluder One Way Door E35 and other excluders do not come with mounting hardware since customer needs will vary.

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11/06/2014 Guy from Cortland, Oh

QHow do I rid rodents from my dormer roofs?
I hear rodents clawing inside several of my homes dormer roofs. I believe they are chipmunks. The dormer siding was removed during the summer and has not been replaced yet. Will be sided next week. With the onset of colder weather I believe the rodents gained access into the dormer roof accesses. I can hear them all day and night long. There is no access into the dormer roofs other than the small open crevices the rodents found there way in from outside. Thank you.

AThe best method at this point would be to use an Excluder like the E35 Excluder with One Way Door for chipmunks and similar sized animals. You can mount this up to any of the small crevices you know they have snuck in through and as they try to come and go from the home, they will go out through the one way door and will not be able to re-enter. Once they are out you can close up the holes and further rodent proof your home. Shy of that method you would have to get up into the roof/attic area and set traps to capture the rodents and either kill them or let them go outside in a wooded area far away from your home. 

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12/13/2015 Jerry from Buford

QCan the Tomahawk Excluder One Way Door Chipmunk and similar sized animal - Model E35 - be mounted inside on the attic wall?
The hole is 40' above ground but I can access from the attic easily. Can this be turned upside down and mount on interior wall?


Yes, you could potentially mount the Tomahawk Excluder One Way Door Model E35 from the interior of the structure if the opening into the structure were exactly the size of the trap (3.5 x 3.5 inches). The trap does need to sit horizontally or close to horizontal to function properly, allowing†the one way door can close completely. If the opening is larger than the trap size, then you could potentially fill in the extra space with an exlusion material such as the Xcluder Single Roll.

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