English Composting Garden (3 Pack)


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English Composting Garden (3 Pack) planter (3 pack) - Black $135.00
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English Composting Garden (3 Pack) - Dark Granite planter (3 pack) - Dark Granite $135.00
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English Composting Garden (3 Pack) - Light Granite planter (3 pack) - Light Granite $135.00
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English Composting Garden (3 Pack) - Red Brick planter (3 pack) - Red Brick $135.00
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English Composting Garden (3 Pack) - Sandstone planter (3 pack) - Sandstone $135.00
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English Composting Garden (3 Pack) - Slate planter (3 pack) - Slate $135.00
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English Composting Garden (3 Pack)
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English Composting Garden (3 Pack) is an impressive vertical planter that's essential for every garden enthusiast. It's made of high-quality; FDA-approved and BPA-free resin plastic with weathered stone finish to make it more attractive. It consists of three stackable planter pods which can be assembled indefinitely. It features an interior composting chamber which converts biodegradable components into compost and drain holes to help prevent root rot. Get one now so you can decorate your plants and flowers in style. The English Composting Garden is sold in a pack of 3 and comes in six colors.

Available Colors: Black, Dark Granite, Light Granite, Red Brick, Sandstone, Slate


  • Made of BPA-free, FDA approved resin
  • Three stackable planter pods
  • Can be stacked indefinitely
  • Drain holes to prevent root rot
  • Interior composting chamber
  • Weathered stone finish

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