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Ferti-Lome Yield Booster - CASE (12 pints)Ferti-Lome Yield Booster - CASE (12 pints) case (12 pints)

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Ferti-Lome Yield Booster

Ferti-Lome Yield Booster corrects calcium deficiency in plants such as tomatoes stopping blossom end rot. You can tell blossom end rot by the darker, sometimes black, sunken areas on the blossom and the bottom of tomatoes. Blossom rot can be very small or it can take up to half of the fruit itself decreasing your yield. Ferti-Lome Yield Booster will increase your yield by stopping blossom end rot.


A. Ferti-Lome Yield Booster was developed to help stop Blossom-end Rot of Tomatoes. Blossom-end Rot can be recognized by the dark grey black-sunken area onthe blossom-end (bottom) of Tomatoes. Blossom-end Rot can be small or cover almost half the fruit and will decrease your Tomato yield. Ferti-Lome Yield Booster can also be used to help your Tomatoes and other plants correct known Calcium deficiencies.


A. Mix 2 tablespoons (1 fluid ounce) with 1 gallon of water to stop Blossom-end Rot. Apply as a thorough cover spray to foliage and fruit. Use at weekly intervals for at least 3 sprays. Ferti-Lome Yield Booster is compatible with many other Insecticides and Fungicides and maybe combined with your Insect and Disease fighting sprays. Mix 1 tablespoon Ferti-Lome Yield Booster with 1 gallon of water during bloom and apply as a foliar spray to help increase yields. Do not use greater than the recommended amounts or injury to Plants may result.


A. Ferti-Lome Yield Booster used according to label directions can help stop damage caused by Blossom-end Rot and can help your Tomato plants produce larger, firmer fruit for bigger, more productive yields.

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07/04/2015 John from Lakehills Tx

QCan you use Fertilome Yield Booster and pick the vegetables the next day?

AYes you can pick the vegetables the same day or the next day as this is only a nutrient booster with natural ingredients. There are no actual chemicals being applied to the edibles to be concerned about. 

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06/20/2014 Linda

QWhat other plant can you spray Ferti-Lome Yield Booster on?

APer the manufacturer, Ferti-Lome Yield Booster can be sprayed on any edibles, flowers, ornamentals, etc. It is recommended that you do not spray in direct sunlight.

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05/09/2016 Clay

QCan you use Ferti-Lome Yield Booster mixed in fertilizer as an amendment for growing in coco coir, which is known to lockup calcium?
don't want to use it as a foliar spray, want to add it to my weekly fertilizer to offset the coco absorbing calcium.


The Ferti-Lome Yield Booster is designed to be used as a foliar spray only; it will not uptake into the plants if only applied to the soil. We do sell other tomato fertilizers that are designed to be applied to the soil such as FoxFarm Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer 7-4-5. You can browse all our products labeled for blossom end rot here.

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