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Finale Herbicide

Finale Herbicide is a nonselective herbicide providing quick and efficient control of a multitude of emerged undesirable plants including grasses (annual/perennial), woody species, and broadleafs. Finale makes its way through green tissue quickly with results in one to four days. Hard to kill weeds like thistle, poison ivy, and dandelion are controlled quickly by Finale's one-of-a-kind mode of action.

Low soil-residual activity allows for transplanting or seeding in treated areas within hours after an application (see label).

Convenient and compatible, Bayer Finale Herbicide mixes well with many popular herbicides. Finale can be applied through a wide range of spray equipment.


Finale Herbicide is a non-selective water-soluble herbicide for application as a foliar spray for the control of a broad spectrum of emerged annual and perennial grass and broad-leaf weeds. Plants that have not yet emerged at the time of application will not be controlled. THOROUGH SPRAY COVERAGE IS IMPORTANT. Visual effects and control from application of Finale Herbicide occur within 2 to 4 days after application under good growing conditions.

Finale is non-selective and will injure or kill all green vegetation contacted by the spray. A void all contact with foliage or green tissue of desirable vegetation. Avoid direct spray contact with green, thin, or uncalloused bark of desirable vegetation or plant injury may result. If desirable vegetation is contacted, rinse the sprayed portion with water immediately.

Finale Herbicide works best when weeds are actively growing. Weed control may be reduced when applications are made to weeds under stress due to drought or cool temperatures. Weeds under stress or in dense populations will require application at the highest rate recommended.


  • Use in both spring and fall
  • Will only kill what is sprayed

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    4 of 5 stars  Finale Herbicide
    By Gabriela in Parlier, CA on 04/05/2013

    We purchased it because Rely was unavailable. Bayer has left many customers without Rely. Not a good thing. Pro: could be purchased through mail order. Same active ingredient as Rely. It does work Con: more diluted than Rely so more expensive for the same results.

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  • 4 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Carlisle, Ark
    By Jeanette in Carlisle, Ark on 09/01/2015

    Have used it for years. Nothing compares. Thanks!

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03/16/2014 Jennifer from Atlanta, Ga

QShould I add a surfactant to Finale?
Does Finale already have a surfactant in it?

ATo ensure the Finale Herbicide will work as effectively as possible, we recommend adding in a surfactant like Southern Ag Non-ionic Surfactant.  Southern Ag Non Ionic Surfactant is a

wetting agent with 80% non-ionic surfactant for increasing the penetration, coverage and overall effectiveness of almost any herbicide.

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03/10/2013 Laurie from Laton, Ca

QApplication amount of Finale Herbicide per gallon of water?
In a 24 gallon tank, how much Finale Herbicide should be used?

AThe usage rate will vary greatly depending on what you are treating for and what type of grass you have. The product label lists all of the usage rates but you if you still need help after reviewing the label please let us know what type of grass you have, what type of weeds you are targeting, whether you will be spot treating or broadcast spraying and how much space you need to cover.

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