Fire That Ant Bait Dispenser


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Fire That Ant Bait Dispenser dispenser riding mower

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Fire That Ant Bait Dispenser Push Mower dispenser push mower

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Fire That Ant Bait Dispenser
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Fire That Ant Bait Dispenser lets you bait fire ants mounds spotted while mowing. There are 2 mount versions to the dispenser. One attaches to the rear fender and seat spring of conventional riding mower, and the other mounts to the handle of a push mower. Just fill the dispenser and set it onto the mount. A simple turn of the dispensers top drops the fire ant bait. You only have to drop the bait within a few feet of the mound. The fire ants will find it. To refill, or to bait a flower bed, slip the dispenser off of the mount.

It is not recommended for zero-turn or rear engine riding mowers. Follow all the instructions provided by your lawn mower’s manufacturer. We recommend that you stop the mower before dispensing fire ant bait. Do not get distracted while dispensing the fire ant bait.

The Fire Ant bait is not included.

Choose from 2 options: Riding Mower or Push Mower.

The Fire That Ant Bait Dispenser attaches to all makes and models of Riding Mowers and Push Mowers

The Fire That Ant Bait Dispenser uses a separate mounting bracket clamp for attachment to any riding mower and has a separate mounting bracket for attachment to push mower handles.

For use on rider mowers, the mounting bracket clamp is installed on the vertical edge of the mower skirt or fender using a screwdriver. The bracket is secured by using opposing rubber faces on the screw clamp, preventing any possible marring of the fender surface. An attached rubber strap with an S hook connects to the seat springs and provides an additional tether to mower.

For use on push mowers, a separate mounting bracket is provided for attachment of the Fire That Ant Bait Dispenser to the sloped handle of a push mower. The angle is adjustable and the clamp is secured by knobs.

Fire ant bait is dispensed by rotating the dispenser top, which allows ant bait to fall out the bottom of the dispenser. Just lift off the dispenser from the mounting bracket, turn the lid counterclockwise and the dispenser opens for filling. Drop the dispenser back into the slot on the mounting bracket to secure the dispenser to the mower.

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