Florida Fly Baiter Kit


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Florida Fly Baiter Kit fly baiter kit

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Florida Fly Baiter Kit
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It is recommended to use Maxforce Fly Spot Bait with the Florida Fly Baiter product. 

A unique and powerful resource against the most cosmopolitan of all the flies, the house fly.
Using patented color attraction technology from the University of Florida, designed and constructed by the flying insect experts at PestWest Flying Insect Science in partnership with Bayer Environmental Science, the Florida Fly Baiter is a rock solid arsenal in any fly management program.
For use in outdoor areas around dumpsters, schools, clubs, restaurants and theme parks, dining areas, camp sites, kennels, poultry houses, recreational areas, horse barns, landfills, dairies, or anywhere flies tend to congregate and are a nuisance or a health hazard.
Each kit comes with 5 Florida Fly Baiters, 5 hanging cords, 1 dosing spoon, 1 weigh boat, and 1 x 2oz. spray applicator bottle.  Fly Bait sold separately. 

Kit includes:
  • 5 - Fly-Baiter systems
  • 5 - tie lines and securing discs
  • 1 - dosing spoon
  • 1 - 2fl oz spray applicator bottle

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    5 of 5 stars  FlyControl
    By in Greenville on 07/31/2013

    We purchased the fly baiter kit and the bait. I'm not sure how the baiter would work without the bait so it seems essential to the process. My husband put the product out in the afternoon and by the next morning we had no flies swarming our deck or patio.

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03/09/2012 Tom from Texas

QWhat types of bait or attractants are recommended for use with the Florida Fly Baiter Kit?

AIt is recommended that you use the Maxforce Fly Spot Bait with the Florida Fly Baiter Kit.

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06/07/2013 Janice from Pleasanton, Ca

QAre there 5 traps in the Florida Fly Bait Kit?
5 traps would be reasonable for the price. This needs to be clearer. I almost didn't consider the product, so I'm asking the question.

AThe Florida fly Baiter does not actually trap the flies so it is called a baiter. Each kit comes with 5 Florida Fly Baiters, 5 hanging cords, 1 dosing spoon, 1 weigh boat, and 1 x 2oz. spray applicator bottle. This description is listed 3 times on the product page. Please tell us what would help make this more clear so this is not a problem for future customers. We appreciate your feedback.

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03/22/2014 Martin from Jupiter,florida

QHow long does a fly live in a Florida Fly Baiter?

AThe flies will not live or die in the Florida Fly Baiter. They will approach the Florida Fly Baiter, consume or touch the bait you have applied to the product and fly off. The flies will typically die pretty quickly after being in contact with the bait (usually within 1-30 minutes) depednign on which bait you use. We recommend using the Maxforce Spot Fly Bait for use with this system.

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05/21/2015 Bill from Santa Rosa Beach, Fl

QWill Florida Fly Baiter Kit work for yellow flies (not house flies)?

AFlorida Fly Baiter Kit will only work for house flies. Fly lights would be the way to go for the Yellow flies indoors. You could also use one of the fly traps  outdoors to lure the flies away from your home.

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07/23/2014 James from Phoenix, Az

QIf using Maxforce Fly Spot Bait, should the Florida Fly Baiter be hung in full sunlight or shade, and how high above the ground?

APer the manufacturer product label: 'The Florida Fly Baiter can be used anywhere flies congregate or are present in numbers that could be hazardous to health. The general placement of the FFB should be as close to the fly breeding area as possible. Where flies are breeding on ground level organic matter, the FFB should be installed at an approximate height of 1m or 3.28 ft. If flies are breeding on organic matter in a dumpster then increase the height to approximately 1.5m or 4.92 ft. As a general guide, 1 to 1.5m or 3.28 to 4.92 ft. from the ground is ideal.'

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07/23/2014 James from Phoenix, Az

QCan you provide guidance on how to apply Maxforce Fly Spot Bait to this trap. Do I use “normal” mixing instructions? Do I apply to the inside or outside of the trap?

AMaxforce Fly Spot Bait should be mixed according to the product label instructions.  After diluted, it can be applied in the 2 oz spray bottle that comes with the Florida Fly Baiter Kit to the exterior surfaces per the product label.

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