FoxFarm Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer (7-4-5)

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FoxFarm Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer (7-4-5) bag(s) (4 lbs)

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FoxFarm Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer (7-4-5) - CASEFoxFarm Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer (7-4-5) - CASE case(s) (12 x 4 lb. bags)

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FoxFarm Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer (7-4-5) - CASE

Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer (7-4-5) is pH-balanced with premium organic ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, fish meal and humic acid, a naturally occurring organic material that is formed when organic matter decomposes. Tomatoes, soft fruits, and veggies require a special nutritional mix, provided to ensure high yields. Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Organic Fertilizer is granulated and easy to use and provides gentle, slow-release feedings for your tomatoes and vegetables all season long.

Active Ingredient: Nitrogen - 7% Phosphorous - 4% Potassium - 5%
For use in: Tomatoes, soft fruits, and veggies
Pet safe: Yes, when used as directed.
Manufactured By: FoxFarm (UPC: 752289500329)

Humic acid helps with seed germination and may increase the uptake of important micronutrients.

Garden tip: Start applying Tomato & Vegetable as soon as you set out young plants in the spring. Use monthly through harvest time. For established plantings, scatter 1/2 cup for every 2 feet of plant height. Lightly scratch into the top inch of soil and water thoroughly. For especially abundant yields, supplement with our organic liquid fertilizer, Big Bloom.

About Fox Farm:

FoxFarm is a small, family-run business dedicated to producing the finest quality garden products available anywhere. Because organic ingredients play such a large role in our company, all formulas are handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior consistency and quality control. We offer custom blended soil mixes, natural and organic fertilizers as well as organic-based products that Combine the Best of Technology with the Goodness of Nature. 

We are known as the Microbrewery of Premium Plant Foods and Soil Mixes. Our fertilizers are built around the use of earthworm castings, nature’s finest soil amendment. Not only the end product, but the complete process of caring for the earthworm cultures is under our direct supervision. FoxFarm has been a “hands-onâ€Â Bioneer for over 17 years in developing and producing superior organic plant foods and extra-strength soil mixes.

FoxFarm is a group of dedicated gardeners who are making a difference in how we treat the Earth and each other. Using FoxFarm in your own backyard helps to make a conscious choice to improve the environmental well-being on the garden, your family, and generations to come.

We are proud of our earned reputation for uncompromising quality and supreme customer service. Caring detail is found in every single FoxFarm item with no exceptions. That is the bottom line! FoxFarm fertilizers are specially formulated to replenish the soil, lift the human spirit, and beautify the Earth, naturally. Bring Your Plants to Life!

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