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Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide

Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide is an easy-to-use suspension concentrate. The new formulation offers excellent plant tolerance and long-lasting weed control, and it requires less cleanup time. It does it all by changing one thing, what was granular is now a liquid. It is a simple change that makes a big difference. The new liquid form provides landscape, nursery and turf professionals a more effective use of their labor and time. One quart should be applied per acre, and with the available 2 gallon jug, it will cover over 8 acres with one container. Gallery SC contains the active ingredient of isoxaben, developed by the specialists of Dow AgroSciences.

Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide is a pre-emergence product for control of broadleaf weeds in established areas of turfgrass, landscape ornamentals, field grown ornamentals, container grown ornamentals, groundcovers/perennials, ornamental bulbs, non-cropland, and Christmas tree/conifer plantations. Apply Gallery SC in late summer to early fall, in early spring, or any time prior to germination of the weeds, or right after cultivation. It is a long-lasting pre-emergence control of more than 95 species of broadleaf weeds.

It controls weeds germinating from seed, and does not control weeds that are already established, or weeds growing from rhizomes, stolons, or pieces from roots. Weeds that already exist should be controlled with post-emergence herbicides or by cultivation. Gallery SC is stable on the surface of the soil for up to 21 days, but must be assimilated by water to be effective. A single rainfall or sprinkler system irrigation of 1/2" or more is necessary to activate the herbicide solution.


Established Turfgrass

Use Gallery SC as a preemergence treatment for control of certain broadleaf weeds in established cool season and warm season turfgrass. Apply any time prior to germination of target weed.

Specific Use Precautions and Restrictions:

Apply Gallery SC to newly seeded turfgrass (including overseeded turfgrass) only after seedlings are established (three leaf stage and tillering) and well rooted. Do not overseed established turfgrass sooner than 60 days following an application of Gallery SC.

  • Do not apply Gallery SC to golf course putting greens.
  • Do not apply Gallery SC to dichondra.
  • Do not apply Gallery SC to turfgrass grown for seed.

Ornamental Plantings

Use Gallery SC as a preemergence treatment for control of certain broadleaf weeds in landscape ornamentals, container grown ornamentals, field grown ornamentals, and groundcovers/perennia. Apply any time prior to germination of target weeds or immediately after cultivation.

Specific Use Precautions and Restrictions:

Injury may be incurred if Gallery SC is applied in the following manner.

  • Unrooted liners or cuttings that have been planted in pots for the first time
  • Pots less than six inches wide
  • Groundcovers until they are established and well rooted
  • Bedding plants or areas where bedding plants will be planted or transplanted within one year after application

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Can't Keep Up
    By A. in Georgetown, TX on 09/22/2016

    I can't keep up with the weeding, so pre-emergent seems like the way to go. This product controlled a large number of weeds. I will mix it with Dimension And have a broad spectrum prevention. The diluted products at the warehouse stores were just not doing it. Hopefully, I get it down at the right times.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Best Lawn Ever
    By A. in Austin, Tx on 08/13/2017

    I used Gallery mixed with Dimensions last February. Lawn and around the shrubs had very few broadleaf weeds. I just repeated an application in August using the twice per year program. Now if I can find a program for the Dallis grass and the red top.

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03/07/2017 Michael from Lucas, Tx

QShould I not apply Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide to my yard if I am considering planting trees within the next year?


Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide should not be applied to areas that will be planted or transplanted within one year after application.

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10/08/2015 Brian from Texas

QIs it safe to use Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide under post oak trees in Texas?


Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide is safe to use under a very wide variety of established ornamental trees. The product label specifically lists bear oak, pin oak, willow oak, red oak, and live oak as tolerable to Gallery SC. Although we cannot be certain the manufacturer has tested your specific tree with this application, if you are following the label applications and the trees are healthy and well-established, then they should not be harmed by Gallery SC.

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