Garden Tools & Equipment

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Terra Verde Wooden Handle Trowel
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Wooden handle trowel

Corona Comfort Hand Cultivator
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Light weight, comfortable cultivator.

Duke Nut Harvester (200)
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A convenient to use pecan gatherer that can pick up all sizes of nuts.

LFS Exceptionally Cool Gloves for Women
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Multiple sizes available
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The cool gloves for women are lightweight, breathable women's gloves.

Luster Leaf Gathering Ring 6 in
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Mainly used to gather plants and perennials on full bloom.

Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Twist and Clips (30 pack)
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Clips your plants to canes and wires.

Corona Comfort Hand Trowel
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Lightweight cushioned grip trowel

Terra Verde Hedge Shear (23")
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23" hedge shear

Savannah Urn Storage and Waste Bin
Multiple sizes available
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Attractive alternative to outside storage and trash cans - Comes in 8 different colors!

Brushtech Brushes Hose Brush (B95C)
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Brushtech Brushes Hose Brush is the perfect tool for cleaning out your feeders, baths or cages.

Quick View Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Labels With Pencil (25 pack)
Luster Leaf Rapiclip Plant Labels With Pencil (25 pack)
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An essential accessory for your garden because it will help you identify your plants by creating a label for each one. This model comes with a pencil.

Quick View Luster Leaf Rapiclip Tomato Ties (829)
Luster Leaf Rapiclip Tomato Ties (829)
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A stretchy nylon ties that is specially designed to provide a great support for tomato plants.

Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can 36 oz
Multiple sizes available
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Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can helps you easily water your plants. Comes in sea struck, peppercorn, union red, exotica, gre-fresh or midsummer night

EZ Leaf Stomper
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Unique design allows you to pack 4x more leaves just by using a broom handle.

My Garden Post Drip Irrigation System
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Takes the worry out of watering, completely automated and programmable drip irrigation irrigation system for use with My Garden Post.

Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus OxiClean Concentrate
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A cleaner concentrate that is designed to clean large outdoor spaces for wiping out stains from algae, mildew, mold, and moss.

Terra Verde Turbo Folding Saw
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A turbo folding saw that provides super fast cutting action and easy fold away storage.

Bloem Deluxe Watering Can 2.5 Gallon
Multiple sizes available
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A watering can that features a wide mouth and easy grip handle. Comes in Peppercorn, Exotica, Gre-Fresh, Midsummer Night, Sea Struck, Union Red.

Bloem Promo Watering Can 2 Gallon - Peppercorn
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An entry-level watering can that feature a rotating nozzle.

Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Plus OxiClean Ready-To-Use
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A Ready-To-Use outdoor cleaner that lifts dirt, wipes stains from mold, mildew and algae. Safe for lawns, plants, fabric and patio furniture.

Terra Verde Wood Handle Transplanter
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wooden handle transplanter

Bloem Watering Can 2 Gallon
Multiple sizes available
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A high-quality watering can that features a user-friendly handle. Comes in Peppercorn, Exotica, Gre-Fresh, Midsummer Night , Sea Struck and Union Red.

Garden Wizard Tree Bag
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A tree bag that provides a slow water release to protect and growth of juvenile trees during planting and hot and dry weather.

Gilmour Flexogen Premium Garden Hose 5/8'' x 75'
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Premium garden hose with ultimate flexibility, kink resistance, max life up to 500 PSI and all weather performance.


Garden Tools and Equipment

Having the right tools makes gardening and yard work easier, and we carry everything you need to keep your yard and garden looking its best. From rakes and trowels to watering cans and gloves, you can be sure you’ll be totally prepared for whatever task comes your way.

When your garden becomes a priority, doing things right becomes important. This often means getting the right equipment. For cultivating plants, you’ll need a good trowel, some sturdy gloves, and a good hose nozzle or watering can to get the job done. Pruning tools, like snips and shears, are important for serious gardeners, and we even carry things you might not realize you need, like measuring cups for fertilizers and other products.

No matter what your garden and yard might need, you can get it done with our selection of garden tools and equipment, so your garden will always be the best on the block.

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