Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete


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Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete garden bed(s) (10 gal) - Green

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Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete - Khaki garden bed(s) - khaki

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Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete - Oak garden bed(s) - oak

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Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete

Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete is simply a must for all avid gardeners. This elevated garden bed holds 10 gallons of water and has a self-watering feature to make your gardening much easier. It allows you to do less watering, and more of pruning and harvesting of your plants. It comes with potting gravel that you can put over the central drainage screen to help prevent root rot, along with S-hooks that can be attached to the rim for additional accessories. It also includes a special Garden Cover set which consists of Greenhouse Cover to keep the plants warm and humid and Bug Net cover for protection against all kinds of pests. Both covers have a convenient zipper access and it can be easily installed in just a few minutes. Growing your plants and vegetables has never been more fun and easy with the new Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete! (Picture is used for reference only)

Available Colors: Green, Khaki, Oak


  • Self-watering raised garden
  • Holds more than 10 gallons of water
  • Includes Greenhouse cover and Bug Net cover
  • Includes gravel for self-draining operation
  • Built in the USA with Polyethylene
  • Built with materials that are FDA approved
  • Legs that are sturdy with a friction fit
  • Hang accessories with S-hooks that are included
  • Limited Manufacturer's 1 year Warranty


Garden Wizard Elevated Garden - Setup and Usage

  1. Unpack contents: Basin, (4) Legs, (1) Screen, Gravel
  2. Select a location that is flat and stable, such as a deck or patio slab
  3. Set the Basin upside down and place the legs in each of the four recesses
  4. Hit each leg lightly with a rubber mallet until they seat and are stable and secured
  5. With another person, flip the Basin onto its legs and check for its stability.
  6. Fill the area that is screened with the gravel that is included
  7. Position the plants in the your arrangement if grown plants are to be planted
  8. Fill the balance of the Elevated Garden with potting soil or other growing medium to about 1 inch (2.54cm) from top of the garden basin
  9. Plant seeds if necessary
  10. Fill the basin with water via the fill port. If the top of the soil does not become moist within 4-6 hours, water the top with roughly a 1/2 gallon (2 Liters) of water.


  • Replace legs with standard 4x4 treated lumber cut to length if there is any noticeable rotting or damage. Contact Good Ideas if legs are damaged upon arrival.
  • Change or rejuvenate soil annually.
  • To clean, simply empty the contents of the basin and rinse with a hose.
  • When storing, ensure the Basin is free of water and soil/growing medium.
  • Always close and lock the door when chickens are in the coop unattended.

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