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Think of your efforts as "reduction"

In most communities, mosquitoes are just part of life during the warmer months. Before beginning a control program, it is important to understand that getting rid of mosquitoes completely is near impossible (at least when it comes to outdoor populations). It is better to think of your control efforts as part of a "reduction" program. By following these tips and correctly applying the appropriate pesticide products, you can considerably reduce the targeted mosquito population and eliminate potential breeding sites within your own home and property, thereby reducing the number of mosquito bites and annoyances.

Natural Control Methods

The application of pesticide products in your mosquito management program will be most effective when existing conditions that are supporting the target population are eliminated. Exclusion and Source Reduction are both significant elements of total mosquito management.


Exclusion :

  • Install tight-fitting wire screens that allow adequate air flow.
  • Repair or replace torn or ill-fitted screens
  • Screens used over flues and chimneys should be strong, corrosion-resistant, and removed when the fireplace is being used.

Source Reduction (get rid of standing water!):

  • Empty or discard all water-containing receptacles such as flowerpots, metal cans, barrels, or tires
  • Fix leaky plumbing and air-conditioner overflow
  • Prune or remove dense shrubbery or vines around the home which provide excellent breeding grounds
  • Containers where water is stored (cesspools, septic tanks, rain barrels, etc) should be covered with tight fitting lids

Products for Chemical Control

  1. Larvicides- Mosquito larvae will breed wherever suitable water is available, including bird baths, old automobile tires, rain barrels, ponds, abandoned or unused swimming pools (particularly above ground types), ditches, tree holes, roof gutters, flower pots, animal watering troughs, elevator shafts,. If it is not possible to eliminate a particular source, larvicides may be used to kill mosquito larvae before they are able to develop into breeding adults. Larvicides may take the form of either briquettes or granules that are placed in standing water and release chemical for up to 30 days.

    Briquette Larvicides: BTI Mosquito Briquettes

    Granule Larvicide: Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide

  2. Adulticides- When mosquitoes are invading from distant breeding sites where the breeding site cannot be controlled, adulticides may be the only option for controlling adult mosquitoes. A residual adulticide (like those listed below), may be applied with a gallon sprayer to shrubs, trees or other vegetation where mosquitoes land. Treatment lasts several days and may kill or repel both day- and night- feeding mosquitoes.

    Residual Adulticides:

    Cynoff EC

    Demand CS

    Suspend SC

    Talstar One

    *Always read the pesticide label and follow all specifications when applying these products.

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