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Savannah Column Storage and Waste Bin
Free Shipping!
An attractive alternative to outside storage and trash cans and is available in 8 different colors.

Savannah Urn Storage and Waste Bin
Free Shipping!
Attractive alternative to outside storage and trash cans - Comes in 8 different colors!

Bamboo Compost Pail
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A 3 quart compost pail for storing left over food in the kitchen for composting that will accent any counter top.

Groom-Pro Pet Bath - Grooming Station
Out of Stock
A large capacity grooming and pet bath station that fits most pets.

Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler - Black
Free Shipping!
A 6.5 cubic feet compost tumbler bin that is made of 100% recycled plastic that recycles food and lawn waste into fresh compost.

Aspen AquaGrow
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A residential-size aquaponics system that is ideal for organic home gardener.

Garden Wizard Elevated Garden Complete
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An elevated garden bed with a self-watering feature that includes a nylon bug net and vinyl green house.

Kennebec Kennel
Out of Stock
A kennel with an all weather design perfect to use to transport dogs and a wide variety of animals.

Store A Step
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Light and durable, designed to stand up to the harshest conditions for years.