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Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler
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Two separate 25 gallon chambers composting separately - has compost tea collecting base - comes fully assembled.

Soil Machine PRO
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A compost bin made of recycled Polyethylene with a capacity of 7 cubic feet and a base for making compost tea.

Rain Wizard Diverter Kit
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Use with downspout to fit into barrels so removal of spout is not needed.

Rain Wizard Urn 65
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A rain barrel that holds up to 65 gallons and has a channel built in to divert overflowing water to the front of barrel with 8 colors to choose from.

Savannah Column Storage and Waste Bin
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An attractive alternative to outside storage and trash cans and is available in 8 different colors.

Coco Fiber - (4 Pack)
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Eco-friendly alternative to peat moss - all natural for composting and gardening needs.

Impressions 50 Gallon Palm Rain Saver
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A 50 gallon rain barrel with an attractive palm tree trunk design with 2 spigots and an open top for planting flowers.

Rain Wizard 50 Stand
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A rail barrel stand that holds the barrel off from the ground to drain at a fast rate and will allow any filling device to be placed under the spigot easily.

Compost Wizard Hybrid
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Combination of a rain barrel and compost tumbler in one - holds 47 gallons of rain water and comes in 5 colors!

Savannah Planter
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A colonial planter that is self watering and ideal for flower or plant arrangements in front homes or patios.

Compost Wizard Standing Bin
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A compost bin made of light durable polyethylene that is easy for composting for any home.

Compost Wizard Starter Kit
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Everything needed is included: The ever popular, Compost Wizard Jr., 1 kitchen compost pail, 2 compost fiber bricks, and (2) 16 oz Enhanced Compost Accelerator pouches.

Savannah LED Planter - White
Free Shipping!
A planter with LED lights with a slow feeding reservoir for flowers or plants for any area around the home.

Savannah Urn Storage and Waste Bin
Free Shipping!
Attractive alternative to outside storage and trash cans - Comes in 8 different colors!

Bamboo Compost Pail
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A 3 quart compost pail for storing left over food in the kitchen for composting that will accent any counter top.

Garden Wizard RBG
Free Shipping!
A weather resistant raised garden bed can easily be setup to grow a garden in the area of choosing.

Impressions 90 Gallon Bark Rain Saver
Free Shipping!
A 90 gallon rain barrel with an attractive tree design with 2 brass spigots for watering gardens.

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose 50'
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For use in low to no flow applications with rain barrels for watering ground plants.

Compost Wizard
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A compost bin that holds up to 12 cubic ft of compost and only needs turning once a week and allows for easy rolling across the yard!

Groom-Pro Pet Bath - Grooming Station
Out of Stock
A large capacity grooming and pet bath station that fits most pets.

Rain Wizard Rock
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A 42 gallon rain barrel with a rock look that mimics a natural rock and in 4 colors.

Big Blue 55 Rain Barrel
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A rain barrel that holds 55 gallons of rain water and made of recycled plastic that will reduce the water consumption and the water bill.

Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler - Black
Free Shipping!
A 6.5 cubic feet compost tumbler bin that is made of 100% recycled plastic that recycles food and lawn waste into fresh compost.

Garden Wizard 4ft Stone Wall
Free Shipping!
Easily add 4' stone border walls in straight line or at 90 degree angle.