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Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2X bottle (2 oz)

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Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2X

Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2X is specially formulated to help remove roundworms and hookworms from your pets. It is made with special ingredients - which is very effective in eliminating internal parasites from your dogs. It is very simple to mix which is convenient to use. It is highly recommended to be used as a monthly preventative health care for your pets. Liqui-Vict 2X comes in a 2-ounce bottle.


Simply measure appropriate amount of Liqui-Vict 2X with enclosed measuring spoon and mix with food. That is it! We recommend Liqui-Vict 2X as part of your monthly preventative health care plan to eliminate internal parasites. Each 2 oz. bottle treats dogs up to 120 lbs. of body weight.

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07/02/2016 Tyneshia from Palestine, Tx

QDo we give our puppy the one initial dose of Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2x and that's it? If not how many days before the next treatment?


Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2x should be given to dogs†once a month (30 days) for treatment and prevention of roundworms and tapeworms.

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09/03/2015 Martha from Farmville, Va

QHow often should I treat my dog with Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2X?
Our 23 lb schnauzer had the white tapeworm in his poop yesterday. I called the vet and was told I could come in for a $45 pill or I could check with Tractor Supply for Happy Jack (for a lot less). I bought the Liqui-Vict 2X and gave our dog the appropriate dose for his weight. He licked the saucer clean. This morning I saw another tapeworm but it was really more mucous - like (assuming it was dissolving due to the treatment). Do I need to give another dose of Liqui-Vict 2X?


Per the manufacturer, adult dogs should be treated monthly with Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2X to prevent tapeworms.

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10/21/2016 Bill from Clarksburg, Wv

QDo you have to mix Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2X in food? I can't get my dog to eat food with mix in it, can you give it from the bottle?


Per the label, if medication is to be dispensed, client can be advised that dogs usually find this wormer very palatable and will lick the dose from the bowl willingly. If there is a reluctance to accept the dose, mix in a small quantity of dog food to encourage consumption.

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08/01/2016 Natthan from Westmoreland, Tn

QHow often should a 9 week old puppy with white worms be treated with Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2X?
The instructions are a little vague.


The manufacturer suggests that, for maximum control and prevention of reinfestation, it is recommended that puppies be treated with†Happy Jack Liqui-Vict 2X at 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 weeks of age.† A single dose each time usually is sufficient.† Follow up with your vet in 2-4 weeks. Complete instructions can be found on the product label here.†

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