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Hiatt Manufacturing

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Hiatt Manufacturing Stokes Select Vertical Mounting Platform for Bird Houses (38059)
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A sturdy die cast parts can hold up to the heaviest items.

Hiatt Manufacturing Green Squirrel Baffle for Bird Feeders 15 in. (38046)
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A squirrel resistant tool for your bird feeders.

Hiatt Manufacturing Clamp On Deck Hook For Bird Feeders (38015)
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A multi-purpose hook that securely hangs your gorgeous decors or bird feeders.

Hiatt Manufacturing Stokes Select Double Hanger With Pole Extender (38020)
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It will allow you to extend your bird feeder pole so you can add two more feeder or planter.

Hiatt Manufacturing Hanging Jelly & Mealworm Bird Feeder (38200)
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A stylish bird feeder that is ideal for serving meal worms, fruits, or jellies.

Hiatt Manufacturing Squirrel Proof Double Suet Cake Bird Feeder (38069)
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Perfect to hang in your garden or backyard and has a metal roof that keeps the suet cakes fresh and dry from rain and snow.

Hiatt Manufacturing Welcome Pineapple Bird Feeder 2 qt. (50164)
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A well-structured feeder to attract a lot of your feathered friends.

Hiatt Manufacturing Grande Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 2 (50153)
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A sunflower and mixed seed bird feeder with cage.

Hiatt Manufacturing High Capacity Bird Feeder 2.9 lb. (38179)
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A bird feeder with beautifully embossed butterfly design on the glass chamber. It also has a brushed copper-colored roof, base, and tray.

Hiatt Manufacturing Pole Mounted Suet Cake Bird Feeder (38058)
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Easily mounts to a post, a tree, wood feeder or any other flat surface.

Hiatt Manufacturing Sedona Screen Bird Feeder 2 qt. (50147)
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An eye-captivating bird feeder which will surely attract clinging or perching birds.

Hiatt Manufacturing Canteen Bird Feeder 4.7 lb. (38236)
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A circular clear feeder with 4.7-pound seed capacity.

Hiatt Manufacturing Cleaning Sponge For Hummingbird and Oriole Feeders (38123)
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Avoid mold and bacteria build-up on your Hummingbird and Oriole feeders with this cleaning sponge.

Hiatt Manufacturing Cobalt Twin Bird Feeder (38198)
Free Shipping!
A blue bird feeder that features a 2-seed compartment.

Hiatt Manufacturing Double Suet Cage Bird Feeder (38093)
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A suet feeder that holds two suet cakes.

Hiatt Manufacturing Finch Screen Bird Feeder 13.4 in. (38171)
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Keep your feathered visitors happy with this amazing product!

Hiatt Manufacturing Little - Bit Feeders - Sunflower Bird Feeder 8.4 in. (38195)
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Designed to hold sunflower seeds and mixed seeds so you can feed more birds on your garden or backyard.

Hiatt Manufacturing Little Bit Feeders Seed Bird Feeder (38193)
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An elegantly designed bird feeder with a cap that twist off easily so you can fill it with different type of seeds.

Hiatt Manufacturing Orange Oriole Feeder 28 oz. (38125)
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A 28-ounce orange-colored feeder that is specially designed to attract orioles.

Hiatt Manufacturing Prairie Style Seed Tube Bird Feeder (38196)
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A prairie style sunflower and mixed seed feeder.

Hiatt Manufacturing Red Platform Bird Feeder 1.1 lb. (38160)
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Watch birds feed from any angle with this versatile feeder.

Hiatt Manufacturing Red Rock Twin Bird Feeder (38199)
Free Shipping!
Features back to back compartments for two (2) kinds of seeds!

Hiatt Manufacturing Royal Hummingbird Feeder 27 oz. (38135)
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A 27-ounce Royal Hummingbird feeder.