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Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules

Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules is an easy way to avoid the backbreaking chore of bending over to hand weed. Use Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules in listed areas like flower and vegetable gardens, around ornamental trees and shrubs, and other areas you want to keep weed free. Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules will control many common broadleaf and grassy weeds using Treflan (trifluralin).

For Home use only.

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    5 of 5 stars  Great Product
    By Wayne in Opp, Alabama on 08/12/2016

    I really was glad to be able to get this product. My local source was out and I needed it to use in my fall garden. I just can't beat the grass without it.

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05/29/2015 Raymond from Covington .georgia

QIf I apply Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules to my garden, should I till the product under or leave it on the surface

AAccording to the Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules label, you will apply the product directly to the soil surface at the rate of 1 oz. per 10 sq. ft. The listed plants should be at least 2 to 3 inches high.

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10/11/2016 Michael from Carrollton

QCan you use Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules in your existing lawn without killing your regular grass?


Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules is labeled to be used around†flowers, trees, shrubs, and listed vegetables. It will prevent grasses from growing in the areas, so we would not recommend this for your regular lawn.†

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05/10/2013 Elohim from Jackson, Tn

QIs it safe to use in tilled soil for hemerocallis/tetraploid day lilies, new $100 dollar plants arriving daily.
20 X 20 ft bed, tilled multible times. planting breeding stock every 30 inches. Do not want to kill any wirh herbicise.

AWe want to make sure that your daylilies are unharmed and recommend contacting the manufacturer just to verify Hi Yield Herbicide will not harm them. Here is the phone number for VPG 888-583-5296

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08/05/2014 Thomas from Coushatta, La.

QWill Herbicide Granules kill weeds 1 to3 inches tall that have already started to grow,
Areas in my garden that was weed free now have weeds 1 to 3 inches tall. Will this product kill them and prevent more from growing ? Or do I have to get the area week free again prior to using this?

ASince Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules does not kill weeds but prevents them, you must first remove existing weeds. If this is a vegetable garden please refer to the Hi Yield Herbicide Granules Label to make sure it it permitted to be used on your specific vegetables. For the existing weeds, it is recommended that you use a product such as Roundup Lawn and Garden Concentrate Plus. Roundup Lawn and Garden Concentrate Plus will kill only the weeds you apply it to without transfering through the soil. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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05/26/2016 Tomi from Lincolnton, Ga

QCan we use Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules in the yard where chickens are?
If not how long do we need to keep chickens up to be safe.


You should keep chickens or any other animals out of the area when you are applying Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules or most other insecticides. It is safe for animals to re-enter the area after the granules have been watered in and the application is dry.

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04/01/2016 Mike from Shallowater, Tx

QHow long after applying Hi Yield Herbicide Granules can garden seeds be planted?
Vegetable garden with transplant and seed planting.


It is recommended that you wait at least 10 weeks before planting vegetables/gardens after applying Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules.

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09/06/2016 Head from Charleston, Sc

QWill Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules prevent or kill spurge and crabgrass?


Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules is labeled for crabgrass however, it is not labeled for spurge. As long as you do not have St Augustine grass you could use a product like Image Kills Crabgrass which is labeled for both crabgrass and spurge.†

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01/20/2016 Sam from Wiggins

QCan I apply Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules where potatoes are grown?


Yes, you can apply†Hi-Yield Herbicide Granules†after transplanting†Irish potatoes, per the product label.

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