How To Check For Ticks

Tick Inspection Guide

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Top Three Places to Check

If you suspect you may be dealing with ticks, there are three main places you need to inspect for a tick infestation:
  • on pets
  • in your home
  • outdoor areas where pets or wild animals may spend time
By learning where ticks live and locating the areas of infestation you will be able to get rid of ticks successfully.

Step 1

Pet Tick Inspection

Ticks are often first noticed on your pets when you feel a small bump while grooming or petting the animal. It is recommended that you frequently check your pet for ticks during tick season.

Needed tools:

  • Tweezers
  • Small bowl of rubbing alcohol
Slowly rub your pets coat to feel for small bumps while visually inspecting the animal. Pay special attention to areas around the animals tail, ears, eyes, armpits and between toes. Keep in mind that ticks may vary in size from the size of a pinhead to the size of a small grape. Using tweezers, carefully remove live ticks from your pet following your veterinarian's instructions. Any live ticks that are removed can be placed into a bowl of rubbing alcohol for a quick kill.

Step 2

Indoor Tick Inspection

If you have pets that live in your home you will likely encounter a tick problem at some point. Learning how to inspect for ticks indoors can help you spot an infestation early on and cut down on the cost and length of a tick control program. Once you've determined that you have ticks indoors, we'll teach you how to eliminate an indoor tick infestation. Ticks typically crawl vertically up furniture and walls and can be found in many different cracks and crevices.

Needed tools:

  • Bright flashlight

Where to check:

  • Check your pets crate and bedding. Using a bright flashlight,carefully inspect your pets crate and bedding for live ticks.
  • Check upholstered furniture and other places your pets spends time resting or grooming for ticks.
  • Check around baseboards, window frames and door frames. Ticks like to use the cracks and crevices in these areas to try to conceal themselves

Step 3

Outdoor Tick Inspection

If you have found ticks on your pet there is a good chance they may have picked them up from your yard. Knowing where ticks live outside and finding the infested areas is the first step in learning how to eliminate ticks in the yard and also prevent your pet from getting reinfested.

Tick infested areas can include rock or brick retaining walls, tall or dense brush or piles of yard debris.

  • Any place your pet spends time playing or resting outdoors
  • Places where wild or stray animals frequent
  • On trees, bushes or tall grasses
  • In areas where leaf debris has collected
Pro Tip

You can help determine if you have a tick infestation in your yard by doing a quick test. Attach a white towel to a dowel or rod and dragging it over suspected areas. Ticks will usually climb onto the towel and will help you locate infestations.

Needed tools:

  • Bright Flashlight

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