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Indoor Carpenter Ant Kit

The Indoor Carpenter Ant Kit contains professional pest control products to control carpenter ants found inside structures. This kit has two baits containing different formulations and active ingredients to increase bait acceptance and efficacy. Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel has a high moisture content and sweet bait matrix with the active ingredient fipronil, while the Advance Carpenter Ant Bait Granules are sized specifically for carpenter ants and contain a protein bait matrix and the active ingredient Abamectin. The Indoor Carpenter Ant Kit also contains bait plate stations that allow you to apply and monitor both baits simultaneously. Finally, the kit contains Phantom aerosol, a non-repellent spray that provides long-lasting protection from existing and future infestations.

As with all of our Pest Control Kits, we recommend using an Integrated Pest Management approach to ant control. It is crucial to practice good sanitation by eliminating competing food and water sources, and to eliminate harborage and entrance points to keep ants from entering the structure. If you are able to identify specific carpenter ant nests, you may want to consider additional direct treatment options as well.

Although the products in this kit are labeled to control of many species of ants, we suggest you identify the ants you find indoors to assist in choosing the best kit for your situation. See all of our Ant Control Kits here.

For residents of NY or CT, see our New York Indoor Carpenter Ant Control Kit.

Indoor Carpenter Ant Kit contains these products:

Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel 2 x Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel
4.5 out of 5 stars
Advance Carpenter Ant Bait 1 x Advance Carpenter Ant Bait
4.5 out of 5 stars
Bait Plate Stations 1 x Bait Plate Stations
4 out of 5 stars
Phantom II Aerosol Spray 1 x Phantom II Aerosol Spray
4.5 out of 5 stars
Cost of separate parts: $94.50
Kit price: $90.00
You save $4.50!

Before applying any insecticides, it is important to inspect and to prepare the treatment area. Practice good sanitation by eliminating food and water sources that may compete with the baits you are about to apply. Also find ways to seal up and eliminate access points into the structure. These steps will help not only to treat an existing infestation, but also to prevent future problems. Once you have identified the hot spots where ants are entering or trailing indoors, you are ready to use the products in your Indoor Carpenter Ant Kit.

If you need to treat carpenter ants outdoors, you have several different options for treatments. See our Carpenter Ant Treatment Article for more details and product recommendations.

How to Apply the Indoor Ant Kit

STEP 1 - BAIT - Bait Plate Stations, Advance Carpenter Ant Granular Bait, Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel

*Handle bait stations with clean, dry hands or wear gloves. Avoid handling bait with bare hands as this may make baits less attractive to the ants.

*Your kit includes a set of 12 bait station bases, 12 lids, and 12 glue dots. Pull apart the stacks to separate the components. Each base is a tray with two ridged channels so that you can use two different baits in each bait plate station.

*To apply the Advance Carpenter Ant Granular Bait, unscrew the top, then either gently tap the granules into a bait plate station tray, or use a dedicated or disposable tool such as a plastic spoon to scoop the bait into each station. Use enough bait to fill at least half of one side of each bait plate station you plan to set out. (Keep the other channel empty for the gel bait.)

*To apply the Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel, first gently unscrew the solid black tip of the tube you would like to use. Replace this tip with one of the clear, reusable tips included with your kit. Use either a bait gun or the included plastic plunger to gently expel the gel from the tube, similar to using a syringe. (You may need to pull back gently on the plunger to prevent over-application.) Place a spot of bait about the size of a pea in the other side of each bait plate stations you plan to use.

*When you are done applying the Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel, replace the clear plastic tip with the black solid tip to store bait.

*After you have filled your bait plate station trays, snap a lid onto each one by lining up the U-shaped tab and the round tab with the corresponding parts in the tray. Gently press the edges of the lid until it is firmly snapped into the tray, being careful not to tilt the trays, which may cause granule bait to spill. You can remove the perforated tab on the lid to allow ants easier access to the baits.

*You should place bait in areas where ant activity has been noticed. It is important to avoid purposefully putting the bait in the middle of an ant trail or onto the ants themselves: this will make the ants avoid the bait and make the baiting ineffective. Instead, put the bait near ant activity or next to ant trails. Some examples of places where the bait can be placed are:

  • In kitchen cabinets and on counter tops.
  • Behind, next to, and under the stove.
  • Near sinks or drains
  • Around pipes, cords, and cables that come out of the wall.
  • Behind and under bathroom fixtures.
  • Around the medicine cabinet and vanity.

*You should check the bait placements once a week and replenish as needed until ant activity has ceased. Be sure to continue reapplying bait as long as the ants accept it!

*Store baits in a dry, temperate area, out of direct sunlight. Baits are best used within a year of opening.

*Advance Carpenter Ant Granules can be applied outdoors as a broadcast, perimeter, or colony treatment. Apply when the ground is dry and rain is not expected for at least 24 hours. See the product label for complete outdoor application instructions.

*Bait stations may be wiped clean and washed with warm water for reuse later. Do not use fragrant cleaners, as this may make future bait applications unattractive.

STEP 2 - SPRAY - Phantom Aerosol Spray

*Phantom aerosol is a non-repellent ant spray that will have effects similar to those of your ant baits. Although this will take a little more time to start killing the colony, it is a great companion and backup for when ants may not be actively foraging for food.

*Phantom can be used with the wide spray nozzle or with the included white nozzle and black crack and crevice straw. We recommend applying Phantom with the straw to make more detailed applications. If you have trouble inserting the straw, you may need a pair of needle-nosed pliers to force the straw into the nozzle. (Be sure to do this while the tip is off the can.)

*Apply Phantom to cracks and crevices where ants are likely to enter the structure or to trail, such as around window frames and door frames, where pipes and other utilities enter the structure, in corners, under appliances, and in any other spots where ants may have access into the structure.

*Keep other people and pets out of the treatment area until the spray has dried.

*Do not spray Phantom or other insecticides directly on top of bait placements.

*Phantom may be reapplied if needed, but wait at least 4 weeks between applications.

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08/26/2015 John from Dalton, Ga

QWhat to use for Carpenter ants?


We would recommend our most popular carpenter ant control product which is our Carpenter Ant Kit .  The Carpenter Ant Kit #2 with Dominion 2L provides the best carpenter ant control available. For serious carpenter ant problems, nothing does the job better adding a product such as Dominion 2L to your arsenal. Dominion is a sprayable liquid bait that makes up to 48 gallons of solution (enough to provide several years of outdoor protection) and can be sprayed around the outside of your home to provide a long-lasting barrier against carpenter ants and other ant species. Ants pick up the Dominion 2L on their bodies and spread it to other ants, eventually eliminating the entire colony. This kit also includes Advance carpenter ant bait for outdoor control/indoor control and Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel for indoor control. The Advance Carpenter Ant Bait is great for sprinkling in a 2 foot barrier around the outside of your home to provide a food source that outside ants are looking for.  It can also be applied around wood piles, trees, stumps, or other areas of harborage.  Advance Carpenter ant bait can also be used indoors in bait plate stations.  The Maxforce Carpenter ant bait is for indoor control only and should be placed where you see ant activity inside.  The ants will eat the bait and take it back to the nest spreading it around to the other colony members. You will need apressurized garden pump sprayer to apply the Dominion 2L.

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07/07/2015 Adam from Ottawa, Illinois

QI can't tell if I have carpenter ants or regular ants will the Indoor Carpenter Ant Kit kill regular ants if that is what they are?


The baits in the Indoor Carpenter Ant Kit are designed specifically for Carpenter Ants but they will also affect other household ants. Please refer to the Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait gel label as well as the Advance Carpenter Ant Bait label.

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04/22/2016 Per from East Brunswick, Nj

QWhat can I use for carpenter ant treatment in outdoor/indoor chimney chase?
I have carpenter ants in a wooden chimney chase and have seen them in other parts of the house. I don't know exactly where the nest is located. The chase has water leak in the top surface where the flue exits and it will be fixed to seal the leak. What treatment would you recommend? Can I start the treatment before I fix the leak?


Since you can't use a spray directly in any part of the chimney, we would recommend using our Indoor Carpenter Ant Control Kit. It comes with baits that you can put in bait stations to elminate the ants with a poisonous food source that meets both of their colonies nutritional needs. Then it also comes with Phantom aerosol than can be used in areas in the home where you see the ants and in crevices that you cant or dont want to bait in as the phantom acts as a transfer like the baits.

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