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What is Isoxaben?

Isoxaben is a selective preemergent herbicide used primarily to control specific broadleaf weeds and grasses in non-cropland areas. It will not control established weeds but rather must be applied before the unwanted weeds have emerged, during germination.

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Snapshot 2.5 TG - 50 lb. bag
4.50 out of 5 stars (18)
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A selective pre-emergent herbicide that provides control of listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in landscape areas.

Ferti-Lome Broadleaf Weed Control with Gallery
4.50 out of 5 stars (4)
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Use on Landscape Ornamentals and Home Lawns Stops Broadleaf Weeds Before They Start.

Bayer Advanced Season Long Weed Control For Lawns Concentrate
3.50 out of 5 stars (3)
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Pre-emergent broadleaf weed killer that can be used anytime in the spring through the fall.

Bayer Advanced Season Long Weed Control For Lawns RTS
Not yet Rated
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Offers up to 6 months of control with only 1 application.

Ferti-Lome A-Vert Plus Lawn Food 18-0-12
Not yet Rated
Free Shipping!
Contains Gallery and Team, pre-emergent herbicides for control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in established home lawns.

Bayer Advanced Southern Season Long Weed Control for Lawns RTS
Not yet Rated
Free Shipping!
A blend of three different weed killers and a residual herbicide, existing weeds begin to die within hours and weeds are controlled for up to six months.

Gallery SC Specialty Herbicide
Not yet Rated
Free Shipping!
Gallery SC specialty herbicide is a pre-emergence product for control of certain broadleaf weeds in established areas.


How does Isoxaben work? (Mode of Action)

Isoxaben disrupts the enzymes needed for protein synthesis, preventing growth of unwanted weeds.

Isoxaben Uses

Isoxaben is EPA registered for use on turf grasses, broadleaf weeds, grasses, vines, and around ornamental shrubs and trees.

Isoxaben Toxicity

Isoxaben is a classified category III chemical for low toxicity. Products containing isoxaben as the active ingredient must carry the signal word CAUTION.  Always read the product label carefully before applying herbicides and other pest control products.

Products Containing Isoxaben

Gallery 75 DF Specialty Herbicide
Snapshot 2.5 TG - 50 lb. bag

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