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JT Eaton Speedy Clean Repeater Multiple Catch Mouse Trap - Clear Lid White 424CL-WH
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An effective mouse trap that is designed and constructed with galvanized steel with a clear window lid and a white powder coat finish.

JT Eaton Mini Pro Line Handle 23"
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A 2-section pole that measures 15.5 inches when collapsed and can extend up to 23 inches.

JT Eaton Answer Boric Acid Dust
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A Boric Acid Dust insecticide that will kill all the common pests that can infest commercial and residential buildings.

Quick View JT Eaton Bait Block 2G Second Generation Rodenticide (716-B)
JT Eaton Bait Block 2G Second Generation Rodenticide (716-B)
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Bait blocks that contains second generation anticoagulant Bromadiolone which is effective against house mice, roof rats and warfarin-resistant Norway rats.