Lady Bug Natural Brand Terra Tonic Super Soil Activator

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Lady Bug Natural Brand Terra Tonic Super Soil Activator quart (32 oz)

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Lady Bug Natural Brand Terra Tonic Super Soil Activator - gallon gallon (128 oz)
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Lady Bug Natural Brand Terra Tonic Super Soil Activator

The Lady Bug Terra Tonic Super Soil Activator contains ingredients that play an important role in plant and soil health. It contains humic acid, seaweed, medina soil activator, compost tea and molasses. These are combined to create a perfect activator that is mainly used in established lawns and gardens, compost piles, and can also be used when prepping a new garden. The terra tonic can also help in stimulating soil in well established container plantings. This product comes in quart and gallon-sized bottles.

Give your soil and compost pile a multi-vitamin. Lady Bug Natural Brand has taken a five of the best ingredients on the market to make Terra Tonic Super Soil Activator. They blend together Humic Acid, Seaweed, Medina Soil Activator, Molasses and Compost Tea. Each ingredient has an important function in soil and plant health. Humic Acid unlocks minerals from the soil, stimulates enzymes and amino acid activity and encourages beneficial fungi. Seaweed contains trace minerals and growth enhancers. Seaweed is extremely beneficial in helping plants deal with stress. Medina Soil Activator stimulates all soil life and breaks down salt levels. Molasses is a source of carbon, B-vitamins, and microbial food. Compost Tea is a source of foliar and soil nutrients and dormant micro-organisms.

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