Large Pine Bark Nuggets


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Large Pine Bark Nuggets bag (3 cu ft)

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Large Pine Bark Nuggets

The Large Pine Bark Nuggets contains all natural dark brown nuggets that are perfect to place to your plants. These large mulchs regulate soil temperature and they retain moisture for healthier plant growth. They prevent erosion and control weeds. Plus, they serve as a great temperature barrier in both hot and cold condition to secure the plant roots. While giving utmost protection, the pine bark mulch also adds an appealing presentation at your plants. Product covers 3.0 cubic feet area.

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What Pine Bark Mulch can do?

Temperature Protection
Pine Bark Mulch provides excellent resistance to extreme temperature variation reaching the root zone.

Weed Control
Pine Bark Mulch acts as a strong deterrent to weeds and grass. Landscape fabric is recommended for maximum weed prevention. It is extremely slow to decay and is 100 percent organic.

Moisture Retention
Pine Bark Mulch's sponge-like action keeps soil moist and makes a healthier growing environment for plants.

Soil Preservation
Pine Bark Mulch's resistance to water erosion promotes soil preservation.

Beautifies Landscape
Pine Bark Mulch's rich brown color adds a touch of elegance to your landscape. Product has a capacity of 3.0 cubic feet.

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02/14/2016 Love from California

QHow long would it take for the Large Pine Bark Nuggets to decay?


The Large Pine Bark Nuggets are extremely slow to decay and have no set replacement time, per the manufacturer. These would likely last several seasons and are often only replaced because they are lightweight and get moved around.

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