Window Box Planters

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Pennington Window Box Liner
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This black liner will help maintain your window boxes by limiting rots and rusts.

Pennington Planter Box Heartwood 40 in. x 12 in. x 12 in.
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A weather resistant all around planter that can be used on any indoor or outdoor living area.

Pennington Window Box Heartwood with Planter Guard
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A rectangular window box with a wood preservative. Choose from 24, 30 or 36 inch boxes.

Bloem Dura Cotta Window Box 30 in.
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A plastic planter that is perfect for house, deck, or porch with flowers or plants.

Bloem Lucca Window Box 18 in.
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A plastic planter window box that includes a tray with sturdy platform for flowers and plants in outdoor or indoor areas.

Bloem Dura Cotta Window Box 24 in.
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A plastic window box planter for the house, deck, porch, and windows in Black, Terra Cotta, Turbulent, Living Green, Midsummer Night, Exotica, and Peppercorn.

Pennington Flared Window Box Heartwood with Planter Guard 24 in.
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A window box planter in a flared rectangular design that is ideal for flower or plants in any window.


Window Box Planters

Window box planters can bring a splash of color to your home, and are often the star of a home’s curb appeal. We carry many styles of window boxes to complement your home’s exterior, so you can grow the beautiful window box displays all year round.

When choosing a window box planter, make sure to choose one that will give your plants adequate room when they’re full grown. Erring on the side of a bigger box is the best bet, but be sure to attach the box securely to your home’s exterior. Make sure your box has drainage holes at the bottom, and consider lining your planter box with plastic or specially made liners to help prolong the life of your window box.

You can put a variety of flowers in your window boxes, from one type to several, but make sure you group plants with similar growth cycles and requirements, like light, water, etc. Don’t put too many plants in one box; overcrowding your box and not accounting for growth will stunt and inhibit your plants’ growth.

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