Hydroponic Supplies

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Grow Up Deluxe Hydrogarden Unit
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Hydroponic gardening has never been so simple. Grow your own vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs.

Quick View Clonex Mist
Clonex Mist
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A fertilizer in liquid form that is ready-to-use for plants after cuttings and more.

Grow Up Deluxe Hydrogarden Kit
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Hydroponic gardening has never been so simple in one deluxe kit. Grow your own vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs.

My Garden Post Drip Irrigation System
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Takes the worry out of watering, completely automated and programmable drip irrigation irrigation system for use with My Garden Post.

Quick View Clonex Clone Solution
Clonex Clone Solution
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A clone specific plant food formulated using a profile of the highest quality minerals including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Calcium. Also contains Vitamin B1 which reduces the risk of transplant shock.

Quick View Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes
Root Riot Plant Starter Cubes
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A natural plant starter cube which helps boost root growth and development.

Aspen AquaGrow
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A residential-size aquaponics system that is ideal for organic home gardener.

Quick View Earth Juice Grow
Earth Juice Grow
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A fertilizer formulated as a slightly earthy to a sharp yeasty sourness in order to provide vigorous plant growth.


Hydroponic Supplies

Start your own hydroponic garden and grow fresh vegetables and plants all year round. Hydroponic gardening is gardening without the use of soil, usually water. A hydroponic garden is perfect for a home gardener who wants fresh vegetables all year, indoors or outdoors.

There are some advantages of hydroponic gardening:

  • Hydroponic gardening units are perfect for small spaces. You can set them up inside with proper lighting in an apartment, or outside on a balcony.
  • Water is “sterile,” meaning there are no weeds to contend with
  • Diseases and pest problems are minimized due to the absence of soil
  • Since you can set up the systems on timers, you will get more flexibility and consistency in the care schedule.

You will need some specialized equipment before you start your garden, and you can find what you need here. A growth unit or container is most important, because it allows you the right set up for a successful garden. If you’re growing indoors, a specific light is necessary for proper growth. Fertilizer, or nutrient solution, is also important, since soil generally supplies nutrients to plants, and you need to add this nutrition to your growing medium.


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