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Lilly Miller Moss Out Heavy Duty Cleaner

Lilly Miller Moss Out Heavy Duty Cleaner is the best way to clean off all your outdoor surfaces of mildew, moss, or algae issues. Just apply Lilly Miller Moss Out Heavy Duty Cleaner to surface after diluting with water and soon even heavy stains on your patio will disappear. Just pressure wash on a low setting (75-150 psi) and your surfaces will look good as new. Lilly Miller Moss Out Heavy Duty Cleaner works on roofing, gutters, siding, asphalt, windows and window frames,  stucco, concrete, wood and plasic structures, patio furniture, outdoor fabrics, brick, masonry, terra cotta, and even rocks.

MOSS OUT! HEAVY DUTY CLEANER is biodegradable and does not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, or phosphates. It is safe for people, pets, and plants* when used as directed. It quickly and effectively cleans many outdoor surfaces in as little as 5 minutes—without scrubbing.

MOSS OUT! HEAVY DUTY CLEANER removes slimy green and slippery black algae, mold, mildew, fungus, and moss stains. Special surfactants penetrate the surface to safely and easily dissolve the toughest stains from dirt, oil, grease, bird droppings, pollen, and tree sap. Use on roofing (wood, concrete and clay tile, composites); gutters (plastic or metal); siding (vinyl, aluminum, wood, composites); windows and window frames (wood, metal, vinyl coated); concrete, wood, and plastic structures (driveways, walkways, walls, eaves, patios, steps, decks, fences, trellis’ and miscellaneous outdoor structures, awnings, birdbaths, fountains, pools, statuary, garbage cans); patio furniture (plastic, wood, metal, wrought iron, steel, wicker, powder coated metal, fiberglass); outdoor fabrics (weather-resistant cushions, awnings, tents, umbrellas, tarps, vinyl coverings); brick; stucco; masonry; asphalt; terra cotta; rocks.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY. Shake well before using. This container will clean up to 4,000 sq. ft. (less on rough or porous surfaces).

USE PRECAUTIONS: Do not apply to bare aluminum. Do not mix with other household chemicals. Treated surfaces may be slippery when wet. Do not use to clean fountains or ponds containing fish; remove water and plants before treating these surfaces. Prevent run-off or drift from entering fish ponds. May remove peeling, loosened, or oxidized paint or stain. May cause outdoor fabrics to fade, especially if already sun damaged. Do not use on leather.

BEFORE APPLICATION: Wet surrounding areas and plants with clear water. Product oversprayed onto these surfaces can be neutralized with large volumes of water. Using a leaf blower, rake, or broom, carefully remove loose moss and debris from surface to be treated.

TO APPLY: APPLY TO DRY SURFACE, using the specific dilution for the surface to be treated (see chart below). Spray to thoroughly coat surface and soak stains. Allow the spray to dwell for the recommended time (see chart below).

AFTER APPLICATION: Rinse treated area with clear water under pressure, using pressure washer on low setting (75 – 150 p.s.i., higher on unpainted cement or wood decks) or a regular garden hose nozzle on “fan” or “jet” setting. For most stains, there is no need to scrub the treated surface. Scrubbing may be needed for tough stains, such as from moss and mildew. A second application may be needed for extremely soiled or mildewed surfaces. Mildew may not be completely removed from porous surfaces. This product will not remove rust stains.

COLD WEATHER TIPS: To dissolve precipitates formed during cold weather, bring product to room temperature or add a small amount of warm water to container contents before use. For best results, when applying in cold weather, add 5-10 minutes to recommend dwell times.

CLEAN ASPHALT SHINGLES, COMPOSITES AND TILE ROOFING WITHOUT RINSING: Use Moss Out! Heavy Duty Cleaner as a “leave on” spray to clean these surfaces without rinsing. Carefully remove all loose moss and debris from roof using a leaf blower, broom, or rake. Mix 1 part Moss Out! Cleaner in 9 parts water. Apply product to a dry roof using a tank sprayer or sprinkling can. Thoroughly coat shingles or tile at the rate of one gallon mixed spray to 200 sq. ft. (20’x 10’). The contents of this container will cover 2,000 sq. ft. (50’x 40’) of roof. Allow spray to dry. Stains will darken during the treatment. After several heavy rainfalls the roof will be returned to a bright, clean appearance, free of fungus and moss stains.

FOR HARD-TO-CLEAN SURFACES AND STAINS: For heavy oil and grease stains (such as on driveways and garage floors), pour product directly onto the stain. Do not apply this product full-strength to painted or sealed surfaces. Allow to dwell for 10 minutes, scrub, then rinse with clear water as directed above. For severe stains, oil may continue to bleed to the surface or leave a residual stain. Repeat applications may lighten such stains, but may not remove them completely.

CAUTION: Contains sodium hydroxide. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. May cause skin and eye irritation. Wear eye protection, gloves, and long-sleeved shirt and pants when applying this product. In case of contact with eyes or skin, flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If swallowed, take large amounts of water. Do not induce vomiting. Get medical attention. Do not breathe mist. Keep out of reach of children. Do not allow product to freeze.


Surfaces Dilution Cleaner:Water Dwell Time One Gallon Mixed Spray Covers

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Unpainted Wood(Roofs, Siding, Structures), Unpainted Concrete and Tile (Roofs, Structures), Asphalt Shingles and Composite Roofing.

1:7 20 minutes 125 sq. ft.

Regular Cleaning–Extended Dwell*

Gutters, Stucco, Masonry, Asphalt, Terra Cotta, Rocks 

1:16 20 minutes 200 sq. ft.

Regular Cleaning–Restricted Dwell*

Patio Furniture, Outdoor Fabrics, Windows, Aluminum Siding, Vinyl and Painted
Surfaces, Brick.

1:16 5 minutes 200 sq. ft.

Light Duty Cleaning

All Purpose Exterior Cleaner

1:19 5-20 minutes  200 sq. ft.

*Test in an inconspicuous area first to determine suitability for use. When
cleaning bricks, rinse immediately after application.

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    5 of 5 stars  used on my roof
    By John in FL on 12/12/2015

    I have a light brown asphalt roof that was almost black. I just sprayed on the moss out and left it. After a few rain storms my roof is nice and light brown again. I did have to buy a 2nd gal because I missed a few spots and the roof did look kinda funny with the black spots.

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11/18/2014 Mike from Eastsound, Wa

QCan it be used in a pressure washer that has a 20-1 dilution and added at full strength?
How many gallons in a case?

AWe would not recommend using a product off label. Lilly Miller Moss Out Heavy Duty Cleaner has recommended dilutions and dwell times. In all the dilutions, you will use 1 part dilution cleaner to different parts of water. An example is if you are doing heavy duty cleaning, you will use 1:7, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash away with clean water. Refer to the product label for dilutions.

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08/21/2016 Bernard from Hanover, Va/

QIs the Lilly Miller Moss Out Heavy Duty Cleaner safe for a pond 100 foot downhill from my roof?


When using Lilly Miller Moss Out Heavy Duty Cleaner it would depend on several things. The slope of the hill, and how much product and water you would be using, is there grass on the hill, etc. You definitely would not want to use this if there are fish in the pond per the manufacturer.

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