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Malathion is a pesticide that is mainly used to protect food-producing plants from threatening insects. Often used in agriculture, Malathion pesticides are known to combat destructive pests while maintaining low toxicity to humans.

We carry several Malathion insecticide sprays that can be used to treat fruit and vegetable plants, as well as other common areas. In fact, Malathion has also been used in public health programs designed to get rid of mosquitoes.

Additionally, Malathion (when used in lower portions) can be used to treat head and body lice.

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Malathion 57%
4.5 out of 5 stars
Free Shipping!
Malathion 57% with a broad label for use on ornamentals, trees, pasture land and more.

Hi-Yield 55% Malathion Insecticide Spray
4.5 out of 5 stars
Free Shipping!
HI-Yield 55% Malathion Insect Spray is for outdoor home garden use on select fruits, vegetables, and other plants to treat aphids, thrips, spider mites, adult Japanese beetles, tent caterpillars, and other pests.

Bonide Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate
2.5 out of 5 stars
Free Shipping!
A liquid fruit tree spray concentrate containing insecticide, fungicide, aphicide, miticide, scalicide, and spreadersticker.

Bonide Malathion 50E Concentrate
Not yet Rated
Free Shipping!
Quick contact kill of large variety of insects on vegetable gardens, citrus trees, ornamentals and others.

Southern AG Malathion - Oil Citrus & Ornamental Insect Spray
Not yet Rated
Free Shipping!
Southern AG Malathion-Oil Citrus & Ornamental Insect Spray is specially formulated to help keep your citrus and avocado trees safe from all kinds of insect threats.


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