Mallet 75 WSP Systemic Insecticide


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Mallet 75 WSP Systemic Insecticide envelope (4x1.6 oz. each)

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Mallet 75 WSP Systemic Insecticide

<span bold;"="">Same as Merit 75 but for much less!

Mallet 75 WSP contains 75% Imidacloprid -- a systemic insecticide for controlling insect pests on sod, lawns, landscape areas and ornamental trees and shrubs.  In addition to protecting the health of turf and landscape ornamentals from within the plant, Mallet 75 WSP provides fast knock-down, broad-spectrum control, and long lasting grub and insect control with preventative and curative properties. Mallet 75 contains imidacloprid for consistent performance and flexible application timing.

Mallet 75 water soluble packet (WSP) is a liquid insecticide concentrate which can be used at very low rates and applied as a foliar spray, soil broadcast spray, soil injection or soil drench to control grubs, weevils, and other soil and turf inhabiting pests. Soil applications are taken up by plant, ornamental, and tree roots into twigs, stems, and foliage. Mallet  75 WSP includes detailed instructions for application to turfgrass, ornamentals, trees, shrubs, flowers, groundcovers, and in and around commercial or residential buildings. Most applications of Mallet 75 Systemic Insecticide require the use of a one or two gallon pressurized sprayer. There are 4 x 1.6 oz water soluable packets in each envelope.

The coverage area of 1 envelope of Mallet 75 WSP will depend entirely on the type of pest you are treating and the area that is being treated.  Here are some general guidelines:

For Turf grass-:  1.6 oz (1 packet) per 8,250 sq ft to 11,000 sq ft.

<span x-small;"="">For Systemic applications of shrubs: 1.6 (1 packet) per 24-48 cumulative feet shrub height

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