Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On


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Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On gallon (128 oz.)

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Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On

Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On controls lice, face flies, and horn flies on non-lactating and lactating dairy cattle, and on beef cattle. Apply Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On as a pour on along back line and down face. Use Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On to control keds on lambs and sheep.

RTU - ready to use formulation no dilution necessary.

Note: This product is not effective in controlling cattle grubs.

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07/06/2014 John from New Jersey

QCan it be used on Horses safely
While he in the pasture grazing

ANo, Martins Permethrin 1% Pour On is labeled only for Beef, Lactating and Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle and Sheep. We recommend Martins Stox Tox X for use on horses.

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06/08/2014 Amanda from Delaplane, Va

QIf using Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On as a spray do you have to dilute?

AThe Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On is a RTU use product and does not require dilution.  Please refer to the product label for complete instructions. 

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06/09/2014 Robert from Louisville, Ky.

QIs it OK to spray Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On on clothing? Should I dilute to .5%?
For insect repellent on clothing. I would spray outside. Only wearing them after they dry. Would this be alright?

ANo, we do not recommend applying Martins Permethrin 1% Pour-On to clothing or anything that will be in direct contact with the skin. It is not labeled for that usage. We do carry Tick Block that can be washed with the clothing for an insect repellent.

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